Working Day…


I woke up at 8:00 with Hope walking all over the bed and me. She was ready to get up. I took her to the kitchen/laundry room and tied her up. I ate seven Sandies and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast. I let Hope loose.


I brought in Mom’s aloe plant so that it would have a place to stay through the Winter.


I checked email and comments on my blog. There were many emails to read.


I drank four cups of coffee with vanilla syrup.


I started working on the HP Learning Center lesson three Introduction to CorelDRAW 12.


The defrost heater for my refrigerator finally came. Now we have to get someone to put it in.


James came down to put Mom’s can crusher in a better position. I went out with them. They drove around to look at the garden and I went back into the house. Mom called me and asked me if I would mow the yard if James started the lawnmower. I said yes. I was very glad to do this because the grass was getting high. It took James about fifteen minutes to start the mower. He helped me get it over the carpet on the walk into the yard with it cranked. I cut the right side and around the house. He told me how to maneuver to the other side. I asked Mom to bring me some water and she did. I cut the left side and around the house. The front porch makes it so the lawn is divided in two. I put the lawnmower away and went inside. I drank another bottle of water right away.


I was tired and relaxed a while. I took a shower because I was dusty from cutting the yard. For lunch I ate the chicken sandwich Mom brought home from Zaxby’s yesterday.


We dressed the dogs in some baby clothes Mom had picked up for her cabbage patch doll at yard sales. By the way, I posted some pictures of Hope in her military outfit yesterday in the album Hope, My Puppy Dog.


I finished the HP Learning Center lesson three and four Introduction to CorelDRAW 12.


Alex called. He said the inspection had gone well. He is looking forward to coming home for Thanksgiving. He is working hard and doing well. He thinks he is on target for promotion to corporal. I asked him if he could buy me a copy of Office 2007 at the MX. He said he might be able to do it.


I did the HP Learning Center lesson four on Leonardo’s Notebooks. I finished the HP Learning Center lesson 6 on Outlook 2003. I now know more about Outlook than I will ever use.


I am glad I finished the HP Learning Center lessons. Now I will get credit for completing the courses.


Mom’s homebound buddies from the church, Frances and Wendell, came to visit. I talked to them for a few minutes.


I called and renewed my library books. I have to take one in tomorrow because it has a hold on it.


I read several chapters in Coming To Our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn.


I ate leftover salmon patties for supper.


I took the dress off of Hope because she seemed to be having trouble jumping with it on. I do not want to limit her movement in any way. She is very active and jumps a lot. She routinely jumps onto the backs of the chairs in the living room and onto my bed. Anything that limits her movement might cause her to fall, hurt herself, and that would be tragic to me.



Jo Ann Wink

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