Busy, Busy Wednesday…


Hope woke me at 7:45 this morning. She was licking my face. I carried her to the kitchen/laundry room and tied her up. I ate a bowl of Lucky Charms and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast. I untied Hope.


June called and needed us to follow her to the auto shop to leave her car and bring her home. Mom had to get dressed before we could leave because she was about to take a bath when June called. I tied Hope up so she would not get into trouble while we were gone. We went to June’s house and Mom got in her car to ride to the shop. I followed them. June left the car and we carried her home.


Mom told me June wanted to go out to lunch when we went and picked her up to retrieve her car. I told Mom I could not pay for lunch. She said June had offered to pay for my lunch. We arrived home and Mom took her bath. I untied Hope and petted her some.


I checked email and wrote some replies.


Mom wanted to wear one of the necklaces I had made for her. I went to put it on and the knot came undone. I started restringing the beads.


Mom called June and they decided it was time for us to leave to go for lunch. I tied Hope up. We drove to June’s house and picked her up. We discussed where to eat on the way and decided to go to New China, which is a Chinese buffet. When we got there, Mom went to the bathroom because she had something on her shoe. She spent about twenty minutes in the bathroom. I went ahead and ate, but June waited on Mom. She came out and they filled their plates. I had a second serving of noodles and veggies.


We finished eating and took June to the auto shop. We had to leave because it was getting close to time for Mom’s appointment. We arrived at the office several minutes early. I read a couple of chapters in Coming To Our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Mom had a 1:45 appointment but we did not go back to see the doctor until 2:15. The neurologist checked her tremors and wrote prescriptions. He gave her a new prescription to help with night cramps.


We went to Goody’s because I had given Mom another coupon for $25.00 off $100.00 purchase. She bought three outfits and said for me to get a shirt. While she was being rang up I found some socks that were drastically marked down and told her she should get them. They could not be added to her purchase because the coupon had already been taken off, so we did another purchase. I really appreciated Mom getting me the shirt.


We went by the library to return the book with the hold on it. I asked the librarian about books on beading and she directed me to the proper shelf. I picked up several books.


We went to Sam’s to fill Mom’s prescription. I picked up another bead kit. Mom picked up one too. She also picked up some bread and two bottles of Sutter Home White Zinfandel for me. The prescription was not ready because the doctor had prescribed a drug that was no longer manufactured. We made our purchases and left Sam’s.


We went to Michael’s in hopes of finding some things for beading. We found a few things, but not exactly what we wanted. I purchased some fasteners. Mom got a shepherd’s hook and some crosses.


When we arrived home, Mom let Hope off her leash. Hope rode with me to put the Explorer away after we had unloaded it. I started working on stringing Mom’s necklace. I finished stringing it and tried to tie it off, but was not sure it was good enough.


I ate a barbequed venison sandwich. Mom ate her tenderloin barbeque in a sandwich.


I asked Mom to tie off the necklace and she suggested I call James and ask if he would do it. I asked her to call him. She did and he said he would do the knots. She drove up to his house. She was gone a while and came back with a baked potato for me. I could not eat the whole thing so I put part of it in her refrigerator for tomorrow.


My refrigerator still is not fixed and it is only cooling to fifty degrees.


NanoWriMo starts tomorrow so I will surely be busy. Mom is going on an apple trip with the seniors at church.



Jo Ann Wink

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