NanoWriMo Saturday With Hope


The phone rang at 6:00 and woke Hope and I. I tried to go back to sleep, but Hope insisted that it was time to get up by licking my face. I stumbled out of bed at 6:20 this morning. I took Hope to the kitchen/laundry room and tied her on her leash. I looked around the house for Mom, but she was not inside. I went out on the porch and found her waiting in the dark for June. I went back inside to eat a leftover biscuit and sausage and drink a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola. I asked Mom to come inside with me. She was afraid June would drive up if she came inside. She stayed in the driveway and we talked very loud to hear one another. I asked her if they were going to Dillsboro, North Carolina and she did not know. I asked her if they were staying overnight and she did not know. June pulled up at about 6:50. She decided they should go in the Explorer because her car went dead coming down the drive. Her car is having problems and she has no idea what is wrong with it. I told them I did not know how good the MapQuest directions would be, but that I hoped they would get them where they wanted to go. They packed their stuff into the Explorer and left at about 7:00.


I drank some coffee with vanilla syrup and tried to convince myself it was a good idea to stay up. I checked email and for comments on the blog.


I read over my NanoWriMo novel and started working on my word count for the day.


I called James at about 9:00 and asked him how he was doing. He said good. I asked if there was anything I could do for him. He said no. We said bye. I love my brother dearly, but our conversations are almost non-existent.


I picked Hope up and carried her around the house in my arms for several minutes. Then I tied her back up.


I worked on my novel and updated my information on the NanoWriMo site. I read some email.


I called Leigh and talked to her briefly. I told her that the part for the refrigerator had come. She said she would call me later.


I picked Hope up and carried her for a while. Then I tied her back up so she would not bother Penny and so I could write.


I worked on my NanoWriMo novel some more.


Mom called around 2:00 and said they were enjoying themselves in Dillsboro. She did not know whether they would be coming home or spending the night. She asked about the dogs and I told her Hope had been tied up most of the day. She said I could put Penny in her room, shut the gate, and turn Hope loose.


When I got off the phone, I called Penny back to Mom’s room and put her on the bed. I shut the gate so Hope could not get to her and turned Hope loose.


I worked on my novel. I finally finished writing my word count for the day. I have completed 5,150 words. It is very slow going for me because I am figuring everything about the story out as I go along. My characters talk and I discover who they are.


I ate a leftover biscuit and sausage with a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for lunch.


Hope and I drove up to the mailbox and retrieved the day’s mail.


I took my shower.


I edited my novel. I know they suggest you leave the editing until you finish NanoWriMo, but some simple edits hurt nothing.


I tied Hope up so Penny could get out of the bedroom.


Reba, my best friend, called and we talked about thirty minutes. She has been very busy and has not called in a while. I told her about NanoWriMo and she was glad I am writing a book. She has always believed I could tell a story. She said she and her husband, Rob, are going to write a book about wrestling road-trips in January.


Mom and June returned about 8:00. Mom was very tired and said she was not going to church in the morning. She brought me a beautiful cup. I let Hope loose.


I ate a barbequed venison sandwich with a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola. Mom ate a tenderloin barbeque sandwich.


I hope you all are having a good weekend.



Jo Ann Wink

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