Accomplished Much This Sunday


Hope woke me up by licking my face at 7:45 this morning. I took her to the kitchen/laundry room and tied her up. I ate six chocolate cookies and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast.


Mom wanted to give Hope a bath, so she bathed her and I blew her dry. Mom bathed Penny and blew her dry. She dressed Penny in a baby shirt and I dressed Hope in her military outfit.


I drank three cups of coffee with vanilla syrup.


Mom asked if I still wanted to go to K-Mart. I said yes. She asked if I wanted to take the dogs with us and go by PetSmart. I said sure they can go. I packed a cooler, we put leashes on the dogs, and loaded up the Explorer. I went in K-Mart to get a 2GB San Disk SD Card which was on sale. I wanted to get two but they only had one. I saw a graphic tee that I thought Alex would like and put it in the buggy. I went over to the underwear and found some Joe Boxer boxer shorts for Alex. Mom picked up some Halloween stuff on clearance. I paid for my purchases and went to the Explorer. Hope was in my seat and I had to put her with Mom. We drove over to PetSmart. I found a red two-foot leash for Hope and got her a sturdy collar. Mom got a purple two-foot leash and collar for Penny. I picked up three toys for Hope. Hope visited with lots of people in the store. She is very friendly. We spent a while in the store then paid for our purchases.


We drove home. Mom had me leave the Explorer out of the shed because she was going to wash it. Mom gave me a Halloween cup. June called and wanted her to go to town with her. Mom asked me to put the Explorer away. I took Hope with me and drove it around to the shed. Mom asked me if I wanted to go with them and I said no because I needed to vacuum the house, fix her medicine, and work on my NanoWriMo novel. She left with June.


I picked up all the dog toys and vacuumed the house. I called Leigh hoping she would come fix my refrigerator, but she did not answer her phone. My refrigerator temperature is up to sixty degrees. I checked email and wrote some replies.


I ate a Lean Cuisine meal with a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for lunch.


I worked on my NanoWriMo novel. I read over what I had already written trying to get some idea of where the story should go.


I fixed Mom’s medicine for the next two weeks.


I walked Hope up to Highway 5 and back on her new leash. It is much more comfortable than the old one.


I worked on my NanoWriMo novel.


I ate vegetable lasagna with a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for supper.


Mom came home. June’s car had given trouble while they were out. I helped Mom get her stuff in.


I worked on my NanoWriMo novel.


I finally finished my word count for today.


It was dark and I helped Mom find something she had lost in the Explorer.


I wrote this entry and am posting it very late.



Jo Ann Wink

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