Another Day, Little Writing


I woke up at 7:15 with Hope licking my face. I took her to the kitchen/laundry room and tied her up. I ate two cupcakes and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast. I talked to Mom a few minutes before she left with June to get her massage.


It was quite cold outside. I am so glad the temperatures are getting cooler. I do not like 100-degree weather. I would like us to get some more rain so that the drought would ease up, but that does not seem to be in the forecast.


I let Hope loose, but she started attacking Penny so I tied her back up.


I drank a couple of cups of coffee with vanilla syrup.


I read over the last few pages of my NanoWriMo novel and tried to get some idea where the story was going. I wrote a sentence or two and was stuck again.


I started reading No Plot? No Problem! by Chris Baty the founder of NanoWriMo. I read this book a few years ago, but thought it might give me some inspiration now. I found I should have started reading it last month. It goes through the preparation for NanoWriMo.


I picked Hope up and carried her around the house for a while. I drank some more coffee with vanilla syrup and let Hope loose. She was only loose a few minutes when she started tormenting Penny so I used a treat to get her to come to me and tied her back up.


I read some more of No Plot? No Problem! I drank some more coffee with vanilla syrup. I wrote a few more sentences on my novel.


I checked email and wrote a couple of replies.


I ate a leftover biscuit and sausage with a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for lunch.


I read some more of No Plot? No Problem! and wrote a couple of sentences on my novel.


I picked Hope up again and carried her around the house with me. I sat her down on my bed and sat down at the computer. I went to the Mystery Guild website and declined my main selections so that the club will not send me any books. Hope got down and I soon heard Penny barking at her. I tied Hope up again.


Mom came home. She had a nice time out. She went up to James’ house. She came back in a while with turnip greens and the leaf blower. She started blowing the leaves and pine straw off the driveway.


I started chatting with Alex. Last night I sent Alex the files of his story Never and his completed novel NobleBoy. I read over Never and was very impressed with the story. He had deleted both these files. I asked him if he had looked at the files yet. He said he had not been able to look at the files because he was defragmenting his hard drive. He did not know I had a copy of NobleBoy and was glad. He completed that novel while he was still in high school. He was not working today because the entire base is doing a motivational run tomorrow morning. He gets a lot of time off, much more than he would in a civilian job. The great thing is he gets paid even for his time off. He is still very happy to be a Marine. He is looking forward to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball next Monday.


I took some water out to Mom while she was blowing the leaves. It was getting cold and I thought she should come in, but I knew she would not listen to me so I did not say anything.


Hope and I drove up to the mailbox and picked up the day’s mail. I let Hope loose when we got back.


A few minutes later Mom came inside and started cleaning the turnip greens. She asked me to find the big soup pot. I looked in the cabinets and finally found it. I got it out and sat it on the stove.


I cooked a Lean Cuisine meal. James called and asked if I would like some doughnuts. I said yes and he said come up and get them. I drove up to his house and he gave me an almost full package of doughnuts. I carried them home. Mom ate a doughnut along with her cereal. I ate my Lean Cuisine meal and a doughnut afterward.


I chatted with Alex some more. He says my story has too many parallels with my life. I asked him if he thought that was why I was having so much trouble writing it. He said not necessarily. I think maybe I should introduce something completely different into the story. I will try that tomorrow.


For now I will say goodnight.



Jo Ann Wink

  1. #1 by Zen on November 8, 2007 - 12:02 am

    Thanks for the peek! Easy on the doughnuts.

  2. #2 by Jo Ann on November 8, 2007 - 12:09 pm

    I only ate one last night. I probably will have one a day until they are gone.
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Jo Ann

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