Hard Work on Tuesday


I woke up at 8:15 and took Hope to the kitchen/laundry room to tie her up. I ate a doughnut with a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast. I untied Hope after she did her morning business.


James called and said he was going to work with the wood again. I got dressed to help. James called when he headed to the field and Mom and I walked down there. We loaded the wood we split yesterday onto the truck and trailer. I chained up what was left of the tree and James pulled it out with the tractor. Mom sent me to the house to get water for her. It was a good thing I went when I did because we had forgotten to cut off the stove. The cornbread in the oven was almost burnt. I took the cornbread out and turned the oven off. I carried Mom a flavored bottled water and James a car cup full of ice water. We rode up to James’ house and stacked the wood so he could get to it easily. We rode back down to the field on the four-wheeler, which had the chainsaw on it and was towing the wood splitter.


I went to the house and talked to one of my friends on the phone. I drank some water and checked to see if Alex was online. I was hoping to chat with him and find out how the Marine Corps Birthday Ball went. He was not online. I called the library and renewed my books. I have to take two to the library tomorrow or get charged overdue fees.


I went back down to the field and James was almost finished cutting up the tree. The chainsaw would not start so he was taking a break. After two tries, he got the chainsaw started and cut up the last of the tree. He decided to break for lunch. We all went to eat.


Mom and I ate turnip greens and cornbread for lunch. James called to say he was going back to the field before we could relax any. We went back down to the field and Alicia was with James. We loaded the last of the split wood on the truck. James moved the truck so that the trailer was not far from the splitter. We split the big logs. There were fifteen of them and seven and a half filled the trailer. We stacked the rest of what we split in the field.


We rode up to James’ house and stacked the wood off the truck and trailer. James says he has enough wood for a hard winter. We will not worry about him being cold.


James stored the splitter in Mom’s barn and we came home.


Mom cut collard greens and cooked them.


I tried to relax. I checked email and saw that Alex still was not online. I have not heard from him since Saturday. He was having computer problems then.


I took a shower. I also took four Advil because my back is hurting terribly.


I ate leftover lasagna with a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for supper.


I watched some of the news. The drought coverage is worrying to me. We have a chance of rain tomorrow and I sincerely hope we get it.


I am very tired. I am going to try to relax the rest of the evening. Maybe I can read some.



Jo Ann Wink

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