Helping Out On Wednesday


I went to bed at 9:45 last night. I was so tired. Mom called me at 7:20 this morning. I did not want to get up so I let her call me a second time and got up at 7:25. Hope was in the floor wanting to leave our room. I picked her up, took her to the kitchen/laundry room, and tied her up. I ate a doughnut and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast. I got dressed and packed the cooler. I put my library books in a tote.


June called Mom and was ready to go to the auto shop. Mom brought the Explorer down to the back door and we loaded it up. I drove to June’s house then followed her almost to the shop. I turned into the shop and she drove past it. She turned around and came back. We left the car at the shop, took June in the Explorer, and went to the library. I turned in some books and picked up three. We went to the gas company where Mom paid for the propane that was delivered to our house yesterday. We went to June’s bank where she closed out an account. We went to June’s daughter’s bank where she deposited the check. We went to Old Time Pottery for Mom to get some sheers to match curtains she bought a couple of weeks ago. She did not find exactly what she wanted, but got something she thought would do. June did some Christmas shopping. I bought some dog toys. We went to Monterrey to eat lunch. I had not had quesadilla fajitas steak in several weeks so it was very good. We went to Sam’s Club. Mom and June bought cookie jars to give as Christmas gifts.


We went back to the auto shop. The owner of the shop told June that her car did not act up while he was driving it. He said that he could only guess at what was wrong with it. He suggested trying a couple of parts. When she asked what she owed he said nothing. She will have to wait until Friday to bring the car back. We loaded her purchases into her car. She tried to give me twenty dollars for what we had done and I gave it back to her.


We drove home. I turned Hope loose when we got there. James called while we were unloading the Explorer. He was coming down to get Mom’s tractor, charge it, and work on it.


I read some in Becoming A Professional Life Coach by Patrick Williams and Diane S. Menendez.


I checked my email and found Alex online. I asked him about the Marine Corps Birthday Ball and he told me he did not want to talk about it. I guess it did not go well for some reason. I wish he would tell me what happened. We chatted a few minutes. He was not responding very quickly when I wrote something. Hope started bothering Penny so I had to tie her up. When I came back, Alex was offline. He had to go to work.


Mom came home. I watched part of Oprah and some of Dr. Phil with her. She fixed salmon patties for supper. I enjoyed eating them.


I watched some of the news and then read some more in Becoming A Professional Life Coach.


I am still feeling very tired and my back hurts. I overdid it helping James with the wood. I am hoping we can take it easy tomorrow. I need the rest.



Jo Ann Wink

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