Rearranging on Sunday


I started reading The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett and stayed up until 11:00 last night. Hope licked my face and woke me at 7:45 this morning. I took her to the kitchen/laundry room and tied her up. Mom asked me if I wanted some toast, I said yes. I ate two pieces of toast and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast. I turned Hope loose after she did her morning business.


Mom was ironing clothes. I used my new razor and got razor burns under my arms. I am not used to an electric razor. I took my shower. I got dressed in a new outfit I bought at Target Friday.


Mom had me help and we tried to put the weather stripping on the doors. It would not work. I had tried to tell her I did not think it would, but she is stubborn and does things anyway.


I drank several cups of coffee with vanilla syrup before noon.


Mom got the outdoor Christmas lights out. I replaced the bulbs that were missing. She strung them around the outside of the screened front porch. Mom also put more balls, more icicles, and tinsel on the tree on the porch.


I walked up to the mailbox with Hope. I thought we might have checked the mail too early yesterday, but there was no mail in the box. I stopped and talked to our neighbors for a while before walking home.


Mom cooked ham. I had a ham, cheese, and homegrown tomato sandwich and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for lunch.


Alicia’s children were visiting her and we met them. Mom decided to give both of them a hand painted angel and gave the little girl a Christmas tea set. I decided to give her a Fisher Price Doodle Toy. I had to move a lot of stuff that was piled on top of the toy. I put the bags on my bed. I took the things up to James’ house and gave them to the kids. They were very appreciative. I drove back home. Mom told me that Hope cried the whole time I was gone.


I went through the bags of stuff and stacked it neatly without the bags back in the place it came from. It sits between my bed and a chair that is full of stuff. My room is very cluttered because it is the only place I have to put things. I guess I need to completely stop buying stuff and get rid of some of the stuff I have.


James’ ex-wife, Linda, came to visit us. I continued to work on my room and brought the bags out to put in our recycling bag. Linda wanted to know if I was hoarding bags. Mom told her no the bags had had stuff in them. Linda said Hope was mean. I did not like that because Hope is not mean. She is just troublesome. She is not a mean spirited dog. Linda is the most unhappy person I have ever known. She simply hates her life. Seems like the medicine she is on would help her be more pleasant, but it does not. She says she wishes she were not here. I wonder if she is suicidal. I hope she is okay, but I really dislike being around her.


I stripped my bed and washed the sheets. That is a major undertaking because the bed is wedged between things. Linda left and Mom and I talked about how miserable she is.


I set up Mom’s medicine for the next two weeks. It took about an hour to do that.


I ate leftover collard greens and cornbread with a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for supper.


I got the sheets out of the dryer and made my bed. It took a long time to do it. I usually just leave the bedclothes as they are after I sleep on them. I rarely make the bed. Hope was in the middle of my bed making. She would not stay out of the way. I think she found it interesting that I made the bed.


I am going to read a little bit in The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett.


I hope everyone had a good weekend and hope that the week goes well for each of you.



Jo Ann Wink

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