A Poem for Today


I used these words to write the following poem: reason, imagine, weak, strong.


Strength of Imagination


Imagine the weak become strong

There is no reason this cannot be true

For even the weak have the strength

To imagine wonderful things

And this ability to go beyond reason

Can make a person strong.


With weak reason to sustain them

People forfeit the ability to use

Strong imagination to bolster

Their creativity in all aspects

Of their everyday lives

And they lose much that enlivens them.


The strong must not despise

The weak for there is no reason

To imagine that their positions
Might fail to be reversed

At some time in the future

Where fortune sees fit.


The strong have every reason

To help the weak imagine a time

When their strength increases

For by helping the weak

The strong grow more able

To reason and imagine for themselves.


Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© November 28, 2007 Wink

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