Auction with Mom


I woke up with cramps in my legs at 9:55 this morning. I took Hope to the kitchen/laundry room and put her on her leash. I ate fruitcake with a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast. I let Hope off her leash.


Mom wanted to bathe the dogs. She bathed Hope and blew her dry. I put her in her Naughty shirt. Mom bathed Penny and tried to lance the small growth on her head.


I checked email and for comments on my blog.


I got dressed in a nice pair of jeans and a pretty white shirt. I wanted to look nice to go to the church.


I ate a ham, cheese, and homegrown tomato sandwich with a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for lunch.


I read a little in The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett.


I packed my cooler and tied Hope on her leash. Mom brought the Explorer to the back of the house.


We stopped at Texaco and filled the Explorer with gas. We went to Sam’s Club and picked up our medicine. We shopped around at Sam’s and Mom bought a shirt for my uncle, a shirt for my brother, and a nice jacket for Alex. The jacket is the same one he bought on his last leave, but instead of $68.00 it was $17.00. He can use another one. We went to Wal-Mart. Mom bought some Christmas decorations that play music and some bandage tape. I managed to get out of Sam’s and Wal-Mart without buying anything. That is a miracle.


We went to the Family Life Center at our church. The church was having the senior’s Lottie Moon Christmas Auction. I went because Mom had no other ride. The meal was over-priced at $8.00. The food was okay at best. The prime rib was overdone and very dry. After the meal, there was singing of Christmas songs. Then the auction began. Mom bought a painting and a gift basket. She donated a tremendous amount of money to Lottie Moon. I did not buy anything because most of the bidding was beyond my budget. We left before the auction was over because Mom was very uncomfortable sitting in the hard chair. She could hardly walk to the Explorer.


When we got home I let Hope loose. I brought in most of the stuff we got in town. Mom was still in pain. I parked the Explorer in the barn even though it was very dark in there.


Mom watched Deal or No Deal and I glanced at parts of it.


I am glad I went with Mom even though it was a senior function. Several people spoke to me and were very nice.



Jo Ann Wink

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