Very Busy Tuesday


I finished reading The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett on Sunday evening. I enjoyed the book immensely.


I woke up at 7:30 this morning. I took Hope to the kitchen/laundry room and tied her on her leash. I ate fruitcake with a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast. I went back to bed and slept until 8:30. I let Hope loose.


I drank several cups of coffee with vanilla syrup.


I dressed in nice jeans and a pretty sweater Mom gave me. I packed my cooler. I packed my library books into my tote. I tied Hope on her leash. I wrote a check to Mom.


We left the house at 10:00. We stopped at the church and Mom took in a Christmas gift for one of our friends. We went to the post office, mailed Mom’s Christmas cards, mailed a package to Mom’s brother, picked up some flat rate boxes, and Mom bought some forever stamps. We went to Mom’s bank and she cashed the check I gave her. We went to the recycling trailer and unloaded our cans. Mom received $41.40 for the cans. We went to Goody’s and I bought six shirts. Mom bought two outfits. We went to Family Christian Store and I bought a book as a present for Alicia. Mom bought two books. We went to LifeWay and Mom bought a pocket New Testament for Alex. We went to the library and I rechecked my books and picked up a few new ones.


We went to KFC and ate lunch. I had wanted chicken for a couple of days. It was very good. I did not like the Diet Pepsi though.


We went to Sam’s Club. I bought World Without End by Ken Follett and 45oz of Tiny T Bonz for Hope. Mom picked up her medicine. We went to Wal-Mart. I bought four toothbrushes and forty-eight Slim Jims for Alex. I also bought some other groceries and a dog toy. Mom bought groceries and some household needs.


As we drove back to the house an idiot pulled out right in front of me and I braked hard or we would have had an accident. We got home at 4:20 and I let Hope loose. We unloaded the Explorer. I put my purchases away.


I read some in The Cambridge Introduction to Creative Writing by David Morley.


We wrapped Alicia’s Christmas gifts. I took the gifts to Alicia and she put them under their tree. I went out and talked to James at the barbeque pit for a few minutes.


I ate salmon patties with a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for supper.


Mom’s homebound buddies from the church called wanting to come over. Mom said it was okay. I tied Hope on her leash. Frances and Wendell came and Mom gave them Christmas presents. She showed them one of my paintings and I showed Frances the ones in my room. I also let them read some of my work. They were very impressed by my art and writing. They said I was very gifted and that I should be making money from my work. I wish I knew how to do so. After they left I let Hope loose.


I read some in The Cambridge Introduction to Creative Writing by David Morley.



Jo Ann Wink

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