Question and My Answers


Why Write?


I write because from age three it has been imperative to my personality. I

must do it or become hopelessly ill and evil tempered. My relationships fair

better when I write regularly. Often, my family and friends worry about me

should I neglect writing for long periods.


My counselors and psychiatrist explain writing is very prominent as a tool

for my lasting recovery. I want this with tenacity, hence, I write.


The pleasure I derive from my work is reason enough alone. Nothing thrills

more than a workable phrase, and compliments boost my low esteem. Writing

balances me; it is my gift to me. Did I not write; I fear I would not long

last in this challenging world. Writing is freedom, without freedom the soul

languishes into a tepid shadow of itself. I want my soul strong, tragedy has

often dogged my steps, and writing gives me a chance of escaping such a quagmire.


Educating the young is one of my fondest goals. My writing informs me,

affording me greater flexibility when working with youth. This helps

maintain my devotion to the practice.


I love the elderly, writing is an excellent means to reach them, and so I

commit to it habitually. Letters to those I love are treasured and that

gratifies me. Reaching future generations delights me, and is one of our

grandest missions.


Money is also a consideration. I hope to one-day support my family and myself via

the written word. Ever since I began writing, when I was three, this

has been one goal. I come closer to realizing it daily.


Why do you write? Is it so important what our answers are? I think not. The

vital thing is the process and the work. What it gives us is

consequential. However, it is nice to reap bountiful rewards through



Now, go write yourself, find your reasons for expressing your life through

the written word.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

May 17, 2000 Wink

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