Follow Your Nose

Creative Journal – Entry Three – Follow Your Nose

Thursday, October 15, 2009


The smell of Mr. Clean with Febreze is drifting around the house. Mom mopped the washroom and kitchen a few minutes ago. The scent is fresh and clean. Soon the smell of Downy will be drifting from the washroom because I am washing a load of reds. Mom brought home a bunch of dirty clothes from her trip and I usually do the washing because I am better at caring for clothes. I do not like ironing so Mom irons her own clothes. I should iron some of mine, but I hate ironing. Mom used to do some ironing for me occasionally, but her legs have gotten weaker and she can hardly stand to iron her own clothes. Mom has neuropathy in her legs and feet. She cannot feel her feet most of the time and stumbles quite often.


A jar candle is burning and when I walk past it, I can smell its sweet scent. Mom must have lit it before I woke up this morning. She woke up about 7:00 and I did not get up until 8:15. I guess I was exhausted from not sleeping much over the past few days. I think Ko-Ko was to blame for my sleeping less. She woke me repeatedly during the nights and early mornings. Mom is planning on going off for several days next week so I had better try to catch up on my sleep while I can. I mention the puppy dogs often in my writing because they are such an integral part of my life. That is the reason I shared their pictures with the Journal Writing group today.


I am so happy that I became active in the Journal Writing group again. I am enjoying the contact with other members. I have written a journal entry almost every day since becoming a regular contributor again. This is great because I am writing daily. I hope that the practice will soon lead me into writing poetry again. I do not think I have written a poem since I wrote the tribute to my brother, James. I read that at James’ memorial service. I am so glad I chose to share the poem with my brother before he died. He never thought much of my writing, but he said the poem was nice. I think I will include it here.


Sonnet to My Hero, My Brother, James


Even though the times now grow dreary cold

I cannot deny him his worthy rest

For all his trying days he never sold

His heart out to any worldly request.


No matter how harsh the times he ever

Kept his full dignity from being lost,

And throughout rough winter and tough summer

He always counted honor worth the cost.


I will find it hard on that tomorrow

When his mortal coil shall finally break,

But shall his soul’s fine example follow

And live my life always fully awake.


For he has been my hero true and strong

My brother, I shall revere my lifelong.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Monday, October 13, 2008


I probably should write new poems here, but I have not written one in such a long time. I guess I will have to read one of my books on writing poetry. Maybe that would help inspire me. It has been a year and two days since I wrote a poem, that is shameful because poetry is my main creative gift. I should make an effort to write a poem, but I do not seem inspired. I go through periods like this from time to time. Writing every day will help make it easier, I hope.



Jo Ann

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