Following Instructions

Creative Journal – Entry Four – Following Instructions

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Following instructions can be a difficult thing for me. I am independent and like to do things my own way. As I work my way through the exercises in Creative Journal Writing by Stephanie Dowrick sometimes I resist the instructions. I am doing the exercises my way. I think how I do exercises should be my choice. I am the one who bought the book so I think I should be able to use it as I see fit.


Sometimes I do not follow the exact instructions in recipes. Today I made smoothies in the HealthMaster and substituted nectarines for a mango. We had nectarines in the house and we did not have a mango. I think the smoothies were actually better today than when I made the ones with the mango.


When following instructions is very important, as in driving a vehicle or operating machinery, I do as instructed. I am very careful to do exactly as instructed when there is danger if I do not comply.


Following instructions was easier when I was younger. I did not mind doing schoolwork as instructed. I was well disciplined and listened to my parent’s instructions. There were definite consequences if I did not mind. I did not like spankings so there was additional incentive to do as I was told. Being good was not hard for me because I knew if I misbehaved that I would feel the belt. I rarely received spankings, but I well remember the hurt of the ones I did get.


Alex grew up only getting a couple of spankings. Usually I could reason with him and he would follow my suggestions. I tried to be flexible with him and only gave him mandatory instructions when there was danger involved. He was a very good kid and has grown up to be a very responsible adult.


Sometimes I do not read instructions when doing something new or putting things together. I often think I can figure things out on my own. Because I have a wide base of experience, I am usually able to do things without instructions. For instance, I am so familiar with computers that I rarely have to follow instructions when using them. I have been using Microsoft Word since it first came out so even though I bought the latest version I do not have to access help for new features.


I do usually follow my Mom’s directions. Even now, I respect her wisdom.


I am not a rebel, just like to do things on my own.



Jo Ann

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