Free Associations

Creative Journal – Entry One – Free Associations
Monday, October 12, 2009

I am reading Creative Journal Writing by Stephanie Dowrick, which I have had for months, but have not opened since I bought it at Borders. I will be doing exercises from this book. I hope that working through these will cause my creativity to flow. I have not written freely in months.

I am writing more since I began participating in the Journal Writing group frequently. I have been a member of the group for years, but have rarely participated. I decided participating might nudge me in the direction of actually journaling.

Journaling is a form of writing I enjoy, but I think what I am actually aiming for is more creative writing like poetry, stories, essays, and possibly even a novel. I am seriously considering NanoWriMo this year. I only have absolutely no idea what I will write about in the novel. I have the idea I worked on in the past, but I do not know that I could get any further with it this year than I have before.

Mom is gone with June so the puppy dogs and I have the house to ourselves. I have turned the iPod in the SoundDock to some instrumental music, which makes a great background for reading and writing. Steven Halpern’s music is grand accompaniment to quiet pursuits. I have several of his CDs loaded on the iPod. They are somewhat new age and inspirational.

Often when Mom is home, I cannot play music because she runs the television constantly. I am not a television person. This season I have found several shows I like to watch in the evenings, but I feel somewhat like I am wasting my time while watching them. Reading seems much more a worthwhile activity.

I considered again working my way through 40 Days and 40 Nights, which is a Guided Journal by Ilene Segalove. I could not muster the stamina for such an undertaking just now. I loved what I accomplished with it when I used it a few years ago. I have those entries saved on the old desktop computer.

I have found it is easier for me to journal on the computer than free hand. I have some beautiful blank books I have collected over the years, but I hardly used them. The collection just takes up a lot of space in my over cluttered room. I should really stop buying blank books, but seem unable to resist beautiful designs.

The clutter in my room is just about to make it unusable. Over nine years of living here, I have collected a lot of stuff. I seem unable to part with any of it so it just keeps piling up. I guess I am a pack rat. If I had more room, it would not be a bad thing.

The clutter is what had almost completely stopped me from using my old desktop computer. The chair at my desk in there was always full of clothes and I hated having to move them to sit down and compute.

I have many instructional books on writing that I have not read. I pick new ones up from time to time at Borders. I tend to read the library books more frequently because I know they must be returned and I know books I have bought will always be here. It is another of the groups of things I collect.

It is raining here and has been since I woke up at 2:48 this morning. I hope it does not cause flooding like a few weeks ago. I am worried that people who have just begun to recover their lives may face disaster again.

I think I have written enough for now. I do not know that I did the free associations as I should, but I made the attempt.

Jo Ann

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