Creative Journal – Entry Eight – Hope

Monday, October 19, 2009


Hope gives incentive to carry on in even the worst circumstance. I have lived through many days simply because I had hope that the morrow would be a better day. When I think of hope, I think of achieving my dreams. Even though some dreams seem far off and impossible I continue to hope I will accomplish my goals.


I hope to become a widely published writer, but this dream does not seem very realistic. It is not because I lack talent that I think the hope unrealistic. It is because I am not actively pursuing the goal by sending my work out to publishers. Another thing that makes the hope less possible is that I have not been writing on a regular basis for some time. I must have work if I hope to become widely published. I have shared some of my poetry and essays with various people and they tell me I am very gifted and should be published, but my faith in myself is still not strong. I lack self-confidence. Hope can only carry a person so far, one must support the hope with action.


I try to encourage other people and give them hope. I use my words to build others up. I can easily give this gift even though I lack financial resources to help others. Sometimes the cards and letters I send help others a great deal. I like to think that by spreading hope that I make the world a better place.


My Mom’s middle name is Hope. From a very early age, I loved that name. When we were bringing my puppy home, we tried to come up with a name for her. Mom said, “Let’s name her Hope, because we hope James will not make us get rid of her.” Therefore, that became my puppy dog’s name. She brings much hope and joy into my life and her name suits her well. James wanted me to be rid of her and even threatened to kill her several times, but Hope remains with me. When I call Hope or think of her name it reminds me to have expectation of good things. She is a good influence on me.


Hope and faith carry me into the future. When things are very bad I cling to hope. Dire circumstances do not extinguish hope, but make it stronger. Hope is essential to my life, without it I could not survive. It gives me courage in spite of adversity. Hope brings me out of dark places where I could not exist without its light. It helps me weather life’s storms. When there is danger, hope helps me overcome. Hope supports my belief that things will continue to get better. When I am lonely, hope comforts me. Loneliness can be very hard to bear and hope helps me face being on my own. Even though my Mom is with me most of the time, I still feel lonely at times. I long for companionship and hope that one day I will again have someone who loves me. I hope people can accept me even though I have problems. I know I am not as successful as many others, but I still hope I can be friends with others and have a partner again.


Hope helps keep me from deep depression. It does not completely eliminate feeling downhearted, but it does lessen the depth of those feelings. I am more stable because of my hopes. Hope is a wonderful asset to have in my life. It gives me a lot of happiness.



Jo Ann

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