Loved Ones

Creative Journal – Entry Ten – Loved Ones

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My loved ones are very dear to me. I wrote about some of them yesterday in my entry about friends. I consider Alex, Mom, and Leigh my closest friends as well as my dearest loved ones. Without these people, my life would be very hard to survive. They mean the world to me.


I have always considered Alex my greatest gift from God. Alex’s father wanted me to abort him, but I insisted that I have my baby. Fighting for Alex made him even dearer to me. It was difficult raising him, but I always felt he was worth every sacrifice. I am so glad we have remained close even though he is in the Marine Corps. Now he has a girlfriend so I do not hear from him as often as I did in the past, but I am glad he has someone who cares for him.


My Mom is a wonderful person. Over the years, she has helped me a great deal. I do not think I would have survived without my Mom. She rescued me from several situations that were dangerous for me. During my adult life, she has been a strong support for me. I love her more than words can express.


My niece, Leigh, has helped me on several difficult occasions. She and her husband have been a help to Alex when there was something I could not do for him. Even though Leigh’s father, my brother, Melvin, has nothing to do with Mom and I, she is loyal to us. She is willing to help us when we have a need that she can supply. I love her very much. Her children, Edith, Jesse, and Sydney are my great nieces and great nephew. I do not see them as often as I would like, but they are very important to me. I wish I had more money so that I could buy them more gifts.


My nephew, Jeremy, his wife, Christy, and their daughter, Jayden are very special. We are not close, but they mean a lot to me. I try to take pictures of the baby every time I see her. I hope she will grow up knowing me.


I still have feelings for two of my ex-husbands. Richard, Alex’s father, will always be special to me because of Alex. We are not close now, but we do talk occasionally. Tomorrow is Richard’s birthday so I will probably call him and wish him a good day. Jeff, my last husband, is still very important to me. He and I keep in touch through email and occasional phone calls. Until recently, when he got involved with another woman, we would see each other at times. Our families were against our being together and that put a lot of stress on our relationship. I miss Jeff still. He was the best of my three husbands.


I consider Hope a loved one even though she is a puppy dog. She is precious to me and I give her a great deal of affection. She returns all the love I give her. Hope has a calming effect on me when I am nervous or upset. I think I am happier because I have her in my life.


Reba is like a sister to me although we live far apart. We have loved each other almost since the beginnings of our lives. She is a unique person with a distinct personality. She is a very kind person and very generous with those for which she cares. Right now, she is facing some health issues and I wish I could be there for her. At least we can talk often on the phone and I can be supportive.


My brother, James, who died in March, is still beloved. I miss him. He and I did not always get along. In fact, he was quite abusive verbally and emotionally for some years. In his last months, we grew close and he began to respect me. He treated me kindly in the end and that is what most influences my feelings for him.


James’ wife, my sister-in-law, Linda does not like me very much. She and I have never gotten along well. Nevertheless, I do love her. She remarried James while he was dying and took good care of him. I have tried to show her that I care about her, but do not know how successful my efforts have been.


My loved ones are wonderful and I am fortunate to have them in my life.



Jo Ann

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