Creative Journal – Entry Fifteen – Purpose

Monday, October 26, 2009


I have a purpose. I know I do, I just do not know what it is. J


One purpose I have is taking care of my Mom. I have been doing this for years, but now that James is gone, I have more responsibility. I promised James I would take good care of Mom and that is a sacred promise I must keep.


I have the purpose of being a loving mother to Alex. My role is changing as he moves closer to his girlfriend and further from me, but I must still be a supportive of him. It is difficult allowing his freedom without complaining about his lack of communication, but I must try not to feel abandoned.


I have the purpose of caring for Hope who is such a pleasure to me. I try to give her proper exercise and keep her happy. I also do a good bit of care for Penny and Ko-Ko, who are Mom’s puppy dogs. I have to give Penny medicine three times daily because she has congestive heart failure. She is eleven years old and requires extra care.


It is my purpose to try to show love to others in the world. I try to smile and be considerate of people I meet. I give encouragement to whomever I can. I am a good friend to those who are my friends.


Another of my purposes is to use my creativity in ways that might one day mean something. I try to improve my writing so that I can communicate more efficiently. I pursue artistic endeavors and attempt to improve my skills. I make an effort to bring beauty into the world. I share my gifts and talents that others may find pleasure in them.


Purpose is a word loaded with weight and meaning. Everything I do has purpose, but some things are less important than others are. I try to live my life to fulfill the purpose of showing care for people, creatures, and things in the world. It seems to me that the highest purpose is to live in loving harmony with everyone and everything. If I fulfill this purpose, my life has not been wasted even should I not achieve worldly success.



Jo Ann

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