Midweek Reflection

Mom got home last Thursday at about 2:00pm. I was very glad to see her. We talked about Ko-Ko having mats in her coat and decided to see if we could get an appointment with the groomer. I called the groomer and she said she could take her Friday morning at 11:00am.


Friday morning we took Ko-Ko to Pet Set to have her cut. We went to Sam’s while we were in town and picked up a few things. I bought Barbara Streisand’s CD Love Is The Answer and Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. I probably will not read this book for a while because I have many good new library books to read. We drove home because we had perishable foods. We put the food away and I computed some. I called the groomer to see if Ko-Ko was ready and she was. We drove back to town and picked Ko-Ko up. Mom almost did not recognize her because she looked so different sheared. We went home and relaxed the rest of the day.


On Sunday, I took pictures of Ko-Ko with her new haircut and tried to print them. One of my ink cartridges was malfunctioning so I could not print. Mom left with June at 5:00pm to go to Lil’s house and stay for some days. I was happy to have the house to myself again.


I read, computed, walked Hope and just enjoyed the solitude Monday. Jeremy came by with hooks and eyes to go on the pump house door. He and I talked a while. He told me to tell Mom that she could go look for a storage building. He went out and looked in the one we have and said we could get rid of a lot of the stuff in it, particularly my books. I did not agree.


Tuesday, I tried to get some of my other blogs and my group on Multiply up to speed. My group transferred from MSN Groups and it has been a mess ever since. I wanted to see if I could make it better. I accomplished little and I got another ID on Multiply because the one that was made when the group transferred is a mess. I cannot remember it because it is wrong. I did some reading and made smoothies. I emailed Alex and he responded. I was so glad to hear from him. He has decided to try to get into the equivalent of JAG in the Marine Corps when he comes home. I hope he can make this transfer of occupations. He still thinks he is coming home in November. I am looking forward to it, but am not getting my hopes too high.


This morning I woke a little later than I have been at 7:40. I ate a Moon Pie and started working on the Multiply group site and my two Multiply IDs. I changed the email addresses around on the IDs and I was finally able to figure out how to put the logo for Original Creations back on the welcome page. I went to the chiropractor. While there, I realized I had left Ko-Ko out of the crate loose in the house. This worried me so I rushed to Cartridge World and got a new cartridge for my printer. I went from there to the library and returned several books. I also picked up some new books. Because I went in the Buick, I had to get gas at Texaco. Unfortunately, the gas gage on my Buick does not work so I have to be very careful to keep it filled up. It only took 6.85 gallons so I could have waited, but now there is peace about it for a while. When I came home, I found Ko-Ko was fine and had not destroyed anything in the house.


I have read several books since I reported on what I was reading. I have been adding them on Goodreads.com and just have not mentioned them here. Breaking the Rules by Barbara Taylor Bradford was a very good book. It was centered on the fashion industry and the lives of a family. The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood was an end of the world as we know it tale with very good characterization and an interesting plot. I enjoyed it. Homer & Langley by E. L. Doctorow was the tale of two brothers based on real life. It was at times sad and then hilarious. I loved it. Intervention by Robin Cook was extremely interesting. It made me ask my chiropractor today if there were many incidents of injury due to chiropractic adjustment. It was a wide-ranging tale and I greatly enjoyed it. Losing It by Valerie Bertinelli was the story of her life as she maintains her weight loss. It was inspiring.


I am journaling every day. It is a joy to be writing again.


Well that is about all for now. I hope everyone is doing well.



Jo Ann


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