Creative Journal – Entry Eighteen – Desires

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Desires lead me to dissatisfaction, so I do not often reflect on them. Desires cause temptation and usually that is not a good thing.


I desire enough money to pay off my debts and have a bit left over to do things I would enjoy. I desire a man in my life that would be willing to see past my disability. I would like him to be able to care for my Mom and understand that I cannot leave her. I desire inspiration to come to me so that I can write more creatively. I desire more patience so I am better able to relate to others. I desire understanding from others so that we do not argue. I desire more sunny days so Hope and I can walk. I desire the ability to read faster so I can complete more books. I desire better typing skills so that I can type faster with fewer mistakes. I desire safety for Alex. I desire more time with my friend Reba, not just phone time, but in person. I desire more space for all my things so there is not so much clutter. I desire years to share with my Mom because I love her dearly. I desire a closer relationship with God. I desire to lose more weight so that I am healthier. I desire someone to mow the yard so I do not have to work so hard at doing it. I desire a real vacation where I can get away from all my responsibilities for a few days, which I have not done in over ten years. I desire more time for writing, reading, drawing, painting, computing, photography, and crafting. I desire a more outgoing personality so that I make friends more easily. I desire more close friends. I desire getting out of the house for enjoyment more often. I desire more courage and confidence. I desire the money for contacts and dental appointments. I desire more compassion and empathy so I relate to others in kinder ways. I desire more understanding so I am friendlier. I desire a more loving disposition. I desire a stronger character. I desire more beauty in my life to lift my spirits. I desire some work be done on my Buick to fix its air conditioner and some other minor problems. I desire the ability to explain things more clearly for better communication. I desire to learn better culinary skills. I desire to be less a perfectionist. I desire more self-esteem. I desire more clarity of mind. I desire more awareness of the volume of my voice so I do not speak loudly. I desire a better attitude toward challenges and change. I desire more problem solving skills. I desire more education. I desire the discipline to stick with a project until I finish it. I desire more honesty from others and myself. I desire less fear of failure. I desire more tolerance of mistakes. I desire to meet some of friends from online. I desire peace and tranquility in my daily life. I desire an iPod that works better. I desire less pain in my neck, back, and legs. I desire more energy. I desire the ability to fulfill my desires.



Jo Ann

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