Creative Journal – Entry Twenty – Cravings

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I crave knowledge, for this reason I read avidly. I read all different types of books to gain understanding of humanity and the world I live in. I crave wisdom so I read the Bible and listen closely to my elders. I crave inspiration so I read books that encourage me to create. I especially like books with prompts or questions, these often give me ideas about which to write. I crave peace, so I try to live in harmony with others. I do not purposely agitate others, but try always to be kind. I crave honesty, so I am honest with those with whom I connect. I crave simplicity; I do not complicate my life. I crave balance between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual facets of my life. I devote time to these parts of myself daily. I crave comfort, so I try to avoid things that upset me. I try to live in a relaxed state of mind.


I crave chocolate, but I do not give in to the craving daily as that would cause weight gain and I crave weight loss. I try to substitute fruits for this overwhelming craving, but sometimes I break down, give in, and eat chocolate. It is delicious and nothing else can fill me when I crave it desperately.


I crave beauty so I often buy things I find attractive. I collect all kinds of beautiful things and things used to create beauty. My collections include blank books, ink pens, clothes, CDs, bookmarks, jewelry, canvas, paints, brushes, colored pencils, gel pens, paper, rubber stamps, beads, findings, scrapbooks, writing books, art books, software, cameras, and all manner of other beautiful things.


I crave friendship so I try to be a good friend. I give encouragement to people with whom I am acquainted. I give gifts to those for whom I care. I share my time and talents with those who I wish to become my friends. I am kind and generous.


I crave understanding so I am honest and open with people. I do not hide behind a façade. I am real.


I crave companionship with Hope. I make an effort to bond with her through exercise, discipline, and affection.


I crave a lasting relationship with a man, but this is not my destiny at this time in my life so I am content with being single. I love myself enough to realize I am complete without a man in my life.


I crave more time, but since this is not possible, I attempt to live every moment to its fullest potential. I fill my time with worthwhile pursuits and try not to waste a moment that is given to me. I try to fill my life with love, by caring for those I meet.


I crave success, so I work at making the most of my gifts and talents. I always try to develop and refine my skills in ways that will appeal to others. I challenge myself to do my best.



Jo Ann

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