Creative Journal – Entry Twenty-four – Early

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I do not like waking up early. I like to sleep late in the morning because that seems to be when I have the most vivid dreams. I often wake early anyway. It makes the days very long when I wake early because I usually stay up late. I do not like to go to bed early. Usually if I do try to go to sleep early, I just lie in bed awake, toss, and turn.


Mom likes to be early whenever she goes to an appointment, so I often sit and wait for periods of time. I always carry a book to read so I am not bored in the waiting room. Sometimes I carry my iPod too. I have always felt it was fine to be right on time for appointments. I am not enamored of being early. However, as usual I do what makes my Mom happy.


Being early is always better than being late. Unless something unexpected happens, I am not ever late. I do tend to procrastinate so I usually do not finish things early. I usually meet deadlines, but just barely.



Jo Ann

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