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Letter to Dr. Phil about Yesterday’s Show

Dear Dr. Phil,

I am appalled that a surrogate mother could steal babies from their rightful parents. Having mental health issues should not prevent a person from being a parent.

I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 1981; the diagnosis has since been changed to Schizoaffective disorder. In 1988, I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy. At the time, I was off medication, but since then have had five psychotic breakdowns where I had to go into the hospital for treatment. I have been on medication for years and most of the time my condition is well controlled. I raised my son mostly as a single mother with a little help from my family. My two marriages during my son’s lifetime did not work out.

My son is almost twenty-two years old and he is a fine upstanding young man. He is a United States Marine and I thank God for him every day. I faced many challenges raising my son, especially since his father wanted me to have an abortion because he did not want a child. My son’s father was not very involved in his life. He rarely visited and paid minimal child support, so I had the job of filling the role of both parents for my son. I worked during part of my son’s childhood, but my condition made it very hard to handle stress and prevented me from working a lot. In 1997, I went on Social Security Disability as my income. That did not provide us with a great deal of money to live on, but we survived.

I realize there have been times when public opinion would have been against me even having a child, much less raising one, but they should realize how precious a person my son has turned out to be. He is making an awesome contribution to our world. My parenting was evidently very good or my son would not have become such a wonderful young man. We love each other dearly and are best friends. I would have done anything in my power to give my son the best of loving nurture. I still am here for him whenever he needs me. He respects me and is not ashamed of my condition.

I know firsthand how devastating it would have been to be denied the chance to raise a child because of psychosis. I am so thankful to have been given the gift of being a mother. I feel Amy has been treated terribly unfairly. She has every right to be those babies mother. I wish there were something I could do to help her get her children.

I am now full time caregiver for my eighty-year-old mother who has Parkinson’s disease and needs assistance in her daily life. A person with a mental disability can accomplish much in life.

Jo Ann Jordan

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Thankful List on Friday

 I am thankful:


  1. Mom got her permanent dentures this week and they seem to be well fitted.
  2. The puppy dogs like the new groomer and she is very nice. Having her come to the house is convenient too.
  3. Leigh finally paid my Mom back.
  4. Alex is coming home on leave February 5th through February 19th.
  5. I have read some excellent books since the first of the year.
  6. Hope sleeps with me.
  7. I have been keeping daily notes in a planner for over a year now and it gives me an opportunity to go back to find out what was happening.
  8. I have an extended warranty on my laptop, in case something unexpected goes wrong.
  9. I went to the chiropractor twice this week and it seems to have helped with my pain.
  10. I have made wonderful friends on Journal Writing.

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Exercise 1: Desert islands

Exercise 1: Desert islands
From Writing Your Self 

(a)  What and who do you most miss and why. I miss my Mom. She is dependent on my help and I worry about her whenever we are separated. I love her very much and she is very important to me. I miss my computer because it is a communication tool I use daily. Without the computer I would be out of touch with many people I care about.

(b) What and who are you glad to have left behind. I am glad I do not have to deal with my sister-in-law Linda. We do not get along well and it would be a relief not to have to worry about pleasing her. I am glad the television would be left behind. I do not like television very much. I could definitely do without its intrusion in my life.

(c)  The two things you have been allowed to bring with you – why you chose them (nothing which requires electricity to make it work!) I would bring a notebook and pen so that I could record my experience and write poems. I would also bring Hope, my puppy dog, so that I would be less upset and more comfortable.

(d) How you would cope with solitude. I would be fine. I would spend time exploring the island with Hope. I would write about what I found on the island. I would take the time to write where I have not time for it when I am distracted by so many things in regular life. I would spend time meditating to improve my outlook.

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Thankful List

I am thankful:


1.     The weather has warmed up from the frigid temperatures we were having.

2.    Hope and I are walking when weather permits.

3.    I learned a meditation technique that I can practice.

4.    My hands cleared up where they had become very irritated. I am allergic to dishwashing liquid.

5.    I got some very good pictures of our snow day.

6.    We were at Hobby Lobby when they marked their Christmas merchandise down to 90% off and I got some wonderful bargains.

7.    I am maintaining my weight loss.

8.    Mom is getting out some with her friends.

9.    I drink Diet Coke, which I love.

10.  I have wonderful books to read.

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Thankful List on Tuesday

I am thankful:


1.     Alex and Laura came here for New Year’s Eve and stayed home with us.

2.    I bought a bunch of new clothes at the after Christmas and New Year’s sales.

3.    We went to my great-niece,  Jayden’s first birthday party.

4.    The electric heat keeps us warm when the temperatures are extremely cold.

5.    I can wear size 14’s now.

6.    Alex gave me money for Christmas, two candles, and a waterfall.

7.    Alex got a boost mobile phone today so he will have unlimited minutes.

8.    Laura is a very sweet young woman and is genuinely in love with Alex, plus she is cute.

9.    Mom did not have to cook for Christmas day.

10.  Alex’s Nikes came while he was here for New Year’s.

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