Exercise 1: Desert islands

Exercise 1: Desert islands
From Writing Your Self 

(a)  What and who do you most miss and why. I miss my Mom. She is dependent on my help and I worry about her whenever we are separated. I love her very much and she is very important to me. I miss my computer because it is a communication tool I use daily. Without the computer I would be out of touch with many people I care about.

(b) What and who are you glad to have left behind. I am glad I do not have to deal with my sister-in-law Linda. We do not get along well and it would be a relief not to have to worry about pleasing her. I am glad the television would be left behind. I do not like television very much. I could definitely do without its intrusion in my life.

(c)  The two things you have been allowed to bring with you – why you chose them (nothing which requires electricity to make it work!) I would bring a notebook and pen so that I could record my experience and write poems. I would also bring Hope, my puppy dog, so that I would be less upset and more comfortable.

(d) How you would cope with solitude. I would be fine. I would spend time exploring the island with Hope. I would write about what I found on the island. I would take the time to write where I have not time for it when I am distracted by so many things in regular life. I would spend time meditating to improve my outlook.

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