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I have read a few books since my last check in. The Art of Happiness in a Troubled World by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler, MD was a very good book. It gave some suggestions on how to make our world a better place. The Time Traveler’s Guide To Medieval England By Ian Mortimer was an interesting look at fourteenth century England. I thought it well written and captivating. Shadow Tag by Louise Erdrich was a very good novel detailing the lives of a family and how they dealt with one another. It was written in the form of diary entries with some narration mixed in. The Lady in the Tower by Alison Weir was a very good book about the last weeks of Anne Boleyn’s life. The whole of it was fascinating.


On Monday, I went to the chiropractor, took Mom to Fantastic Sam’s for a haircut, and went by Sam’s to pick up a few things. Hope and I walked two miles.


Tuesday, we took Penny to the vet and Mom spent $265.00 on her. The tests and x-rays gave us a better idea of why she has been having problems. Penny also got her rabies shot. Frances and Wendell, Mom’s Homebound Buddies from church came by to visit her. Hope and I walked two miles.


Wednesday, I went to the chiropractor, the library, and the vet to get Ko-Ko’s heartworm medicine and Penny’s prescription for Interceptor. Hope and I walked two miles.


Thursday, Mom’s sister Betty and her husband Bud visited and took us out to lunch at Hudson’s BBQ. We had some time to kill so we went to Sam’s and browsed. After Betty and Bud left us, Mom panicked because she thought she had lost her billfold. I found it for her in the seat of the truck. We went to Target and did some shopping. At my orthopedist’s office, we had to wait a while because he was running thirty minutes behind. He checked me and again said that my problem was my sciatic nerve not my legs, which hurt so bad. He gave me a prescription for Prednisone, an order for physical therapy, and was setting up an appointment for a MRI. We went back to Sam’s to fill my prescription.


Friday, Mom and I were adjusted at the chiropractor and I gave them the order for physical therapy. Laura came by the house and picked up some of Alex’s stuff to take to him in Cherry Point, North Carolina. She took the Glock pistol that he had left here and that was somewhat a relief to me. I washed four loads of clothes.


Saturday, I read a lot and just hung out. Hope and I walked two miles. I caught up on the email that had built up over the last few days.


Today, Mom went to Sunday school with Betty and then to Lil’s memorial with June. I read a lot and Hope and I walked two miles. I saw my nephew Jeremy riding the four-wheeler while we were outside.


Well, that catches things up. It was a busy week but overall went well.



Jo Ann

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Thankful List


I am thankful:


  1. Mom and I had a better week and did not squabble this week.
  2. I picked up some good non-fiction books at the library Wednesday.
  3. Mom’s sister and her husband visited Thursday.
  4. My orthopedist gave me a prescription for Prednisone and an order for physical therapy.
  5. Hope and I walked 2 miles on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
  6. Mom’s cold or whatever it was is getting better with over the counter medicines.
  7. Laura took Alex’s Glock to him.
  8. I have a place to live.
  9. Reba is recovering from her back surgery well.
  10. My social security will be deposited on the 3rd of March so I am no longer broke.

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Check in…

I finished reading The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova. I loved this book. So much is revealed about the characters that they seem like someone you might know. I read The Heavenstone Secrets by V. C. Andrews, which was a very good book. It is a little creepy, but tales of siblings can be that way. On Monsters by Stephen T. Asma was a very good look at the development of monsters through time and how perceptions of monstrous acts have changed. I enjoyed reading it. Sleepless by Charlie Huston was a good novel. It deals with the very near future and has great characters. Horns by Joe Hill was an excellent novel. Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son and he got the right genes to tell a fantastic story. I will be going back and trying to find his first two books.


Alex was here from February 5 to February 19 and it was great having him home. We spent some quality time together and he helped around here with some of the chores I am not good at doing. He gave me a teddy bear and an extra large box of Tide with Bleach for Valentine’s Day. The teddy bear is adorable and the Tide will definitely be used. His girlfriend was here a lot, so much of the time he was with her and not really with me.


I have had a couple of trying situations with Mom. She seems to get angry with me very easily. When I upset her and she is harsh with me, it makes me feel very hurt and is causing me some problems with depression. I just feel like I am such a dismal failure and have felt very negative emotions toward myself. Sometimes I feel like Mom would be better off without me.


I fell on February 15 and hurt myself. I wish I had insurance coverage that would allow some physical therapy without a doctor’s referral. I could use the help to get better. I will in the future be more careful when there is a possibility of ice on the ground.


Mom’s friend Lil passed away yesterday. She is down about it.


Penny is still not doing very well so we are taking her to the vet tomorrow. I hope he will be able to find something that will help her.


My niece, Carrie Leigh, came Saturday and blew and raked leaves. I gave her three pair of brand new pants and a pantsuit.


Hope and I have not walked much lately because I have been in a lot of pain, but we walked today.


I hope this week goes well. I do not know how much more negativity I can take from Mom without serious problems for me.



Jo Ann

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Thankful List

I am thankful:


1.     Alex enjoyed his leave here at home.

2.    Today Alex flew back to Cherry Point safely.

3.    Laura fixed a wonderful meal for all of us last night.

4.    Hope has been very loving lately.

5.    Alex and I moved a lot of Mom’s stuff from the old storage building to Mom’s new storage building.

6.    I rescued some of Alex’s clothes from going to Goodwill and will find a use for them myself.

7.    I am feeling a little better tonight after hurting myself badly when I fell on ice Monday night.

8.    Alex gave me a beautiful teddy bear for Valentine’s Day.

9.    I am enjoying reading Horns by Joe Hill.

10.  I got some nice things on clearance after Valentine’s Day.


Thankful Thursday

I am thankful:


1.     I have a chiropractor who helps me feel better.

2.    Alex got a new laptop.

3.    I was able to check out some awesome books yesterday, which I am looking forward to reading.

4.    My doctor quickly sent through the pre-authorization with my prescription drug coverage so that I was able to get my medication refilled.

5.    I fixed the hinge on the coat closet door that had been broken for about fifteen years.

6.    I enlarged some photographs of my brother James for my Mom.

7.    Penny seems to be doing a little better. She has been a very sick puppy dog.

8.    I bought some new flannel sheets for my bed that were on clearance at Sam’s.

9.    Mom said I could have some of the cheesecake she bought for Alex. It is delicious.

10.  I am slowly, but steadily, paying back the money I owe Mom.

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Midweek Reflection

I have not really given much of an update on what has been going on in some time, so I guess I should.


I will start with books. I have read many good ones. The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver was a good read. If you check out my membership on Goodreads, you can see more of what I write about the books. The Crisis by David Poyer was a good military thriller. The Monster in the Box by Ruth Rendell was a very good read. Spooner by Pete Dexter was a good story about a man’s life from birth forward. The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion by Christopher K. Germer PhD was a very good book on how to treat yourself more kindly and it taught some meditation techniques that I found useful. Makers by Cory Doctorow was an exploration of the near future that was very enjoyable. Racing Toward Armageddon by Michael Baigent was a very good look at how the major religions treat the end times. It really was eye opening. Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett was a fun lighthearted read. Writing Your Self by John Killick and Myra Schneider was a great book on exploring the self through writing. The exercises in the second part of the book are very good. The Cheater by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg was a good thriller. I really enjoyed the story and the in-depth look into the characters. Breathless by Dean Koontz was a wonderful book. I loved it. Dogs & Devotion by The Monks of New Skete was a light read that any dog lover would enjoy. The Wild Things by Dave Eggers was too much about juveniles for me to really enjoy it. By The Mountain Bound by Elizabeth Bear was a very good novel in the fantasy genre. I am currently reading The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova, and am enjoying it very much.


Alex and his girlfriend came in around mid-night on Christmas and stayed with us the rest of the weekend. He came home for New Year’s as well. Alex gave me money for Christmas and I purchased some nice clothes with it.


Mom and I went to my sister-in-law Linda’s house for my great-niece Jayden’s first birthday party. That was a very nice outing. We went to Hobby Lobby on the day they marked their Christmas merchandize down to 90% off and we got some tremendous bargains. It snowed and I got some good pictures of the snow.


Alex took his computer to Best Buy because it stopped working and they gave him a hard time, but with his extended warranty after almost a month they gave him his money and he bought a new laptop.


I helped Mom with carrying totes and bags of stuff to her storage building. I also helped her clean out her computer room. It looks much better now.


I wrote a letter to Dr. Phil because I was very moved by one of his shows.


Mom’s laptop started working so she now has two working computers.


We gave away a lot of stuff through Freecycle. It works okay, but some people get very bad attitudes if they do not get something from you that they want. Another thing I do not like about Freecycle is that there is a lot of lag time between when something is sent to post and when it shows up on the list.


Alex rode down with his buddy Jake who has a trailer on last Friday. They put the 1972 Chevrolet on the trailer and Jake took it back to Cherry Point, North Carolina on Saturday. Alex and his girlfriend have been spending the nights here since. During the days, Alex has helped around here and it has been very nice having him home.


On Tuesday, Alex and I went out shopping for a pistol for him. Luckily, I remembered a place that sells to law enforcement and military and he got a significant discount on a Glock.


I was very sick to my stomach Friday evening and felt very weak until about Tuesday. I am finally feeling about normal today. My back is still hurting a good bit, but I have not been wearing my brace much because it ruins my clothes.


I have not been journaling much. I was hoping that the beginning of 2010 would inspire me to be more regular in my habits, but mostly it has not. I stay busy doing what Mom wants done and with some recreational reading.


That pretty much catches me up to the present. Hope all is well with everyone.



Jo Ann

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Thankful List

I am thankful:


1.     Alex got home safely Friday night and is staying until February 19th.

2.    Alex’s friend, Jake, carried Alex’s 1972 Chevrolet to Cherry Point on his trailer.

3.    Mom and I got her computer room in good order last week.

4.    We were able to get rid of some things through Freecycle.

5.    Mom’s laptop started working.

6.    I bought The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova and started reading it.

7.    I bought the CD Songs From The Heart by Celtic Woman and I love it.

8.    I bought a stand to sit my laptop on and it makes it easier to type.

9.    I lost two pounds.

10.  I am feeling better today after being sick since Friday.

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