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Hope and I went for a two-mile walk today. It is threatening rain so I am glad that we did walk before it starts.


Yesterday afternoon and evening was taken up with talking to technical support at MSN and Microsoft. I was having terrible email issues and could not resolve them after working on them for several hours myself. MSN said the problem was with Outlook after having me on the phone two and a half hours. I called Microsoft and worked with them another three hours. They finally concluded that the email problem was coming from MSN. I went back and worked through the issue myself for several more hours myself. This morning I spent about an hour on it and finally have it resolved. I hate to get technical support people that are out of country. I have difficulty understanding them and apparently they do not much understand me. I really think the whole issue was with MSN because that is where the problems were. They have been doing upgrades to email for a while now and a bunch of them must have been done over the last few days and had some disastrous effects. Almost all the email were moved into my junk mail folder on MSN and I was afraid the automatic delete would do away with all these messages that were already sorted in Outlook. MSN would not allow me to move the messages out of the junk mail folder. After the MSN guy worked on the issue, later last night I was able to move the messages around. It was horrible. Sometimes I think like Alex, "MSN is the devil."


The time change really got me last night. I was up to almost 3:00am with the new time. I woke at 8:30am this morning so that was decent. Not a lot of sleep, but I feel okay.


One of my friends, from my time on MSN Spaces where I have my blog, instant messaged me last night and we then got on the phone and talked a while. It was great hearing from her. I am so glad we linked up.


This upcoming week is scheduled to be a busy one. I have many appointments; I am not looking forward to all of them.


I hope things go smoothly and hope each of you has a good week.



Jo Ann

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