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Thankful Thursday – 4/29/10


I am thankful:


  1. I accomplished a great deal of work yesterday.
  2. Laura and I went to the park together last Friday. We had a good time and so did Hope.
  3. I read the biography, The Bridge.
  4. I surprised Mom by cooking lunch today.
  5. I changed out my purse today for one Mom gave me quite a while ago.
  6. Sam’s had éclairs Tuesday and we got some. They are delicious.
  7. The terrible weather over the weekend passed us by without incident.
  8. Reba gets to go back to work part-time on Monday. Her back is healing fairly well.
  9. I managed to run six errands and two doctor appointments on Tuesday.
  10. Mom is going off overnight this weekend.


Thankful Thursday – 04/22/2010

I am thankful:


1.     Mom is so generous toward me. She does nice things when she really does not have to at all.

2.    My contacts give me good vision so I can do all the things I love to do.

3.    Alex is coming home in May and will spend his birthday with us for the first time since he went in the Marines in 2006.

4.    I read the book Spirited by Rebecca Rosen and feel more in touch with my higher self afterward.

5.    I am getting to share my prompts with the Journal Writing group.

6.    I read wonderful books that enlighten my life.

7.    I have my laptop which has gotten me involved with computers more since I received it in August.

8.    Laura was safe when she stayed overnight in the Atlanta airport last Thursday night.

9.    I think Alex has found a wonderful girl and that is a blessing.

10.  I am cradled in the love of the Lord, my Savior. His love never ends.

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Midweek Reflection – One day behind

I am actually a day behind with this, but I figure late is better than never. This week has been a good one. I have been able to contribute quite frequently on Journal Writing and have managed to finish two books since I made my last list of recently read titles.


The Bread of Angels by Stephanie Saldana is a wonderful memoir. It is about a year in Syria and falling in love. The author comes to grips with her spirituality as she heals from earlier harms.
Spirited by Rebecca Rosen is an awesome book on coming alive to intuition and spiritual guidance. It has wonderful exercises to help one get in touch with higher self and meditations to open to spirit. I borrowed it from the library, but am seriously considering my own copy so I have it to refer to as time goes by.


Sunday, Mom and I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a couple of winter shirts at $2.00 each and I stocked up on Diet Cokes since they were $5.00 a case. We had to go pick Alex’s girlfriend, Laura, up at the airport. I did not like driving there after dark, but it turned out well. I did not get to bed until 1:30 on Monday morning.


Monday, I got up early, but went back to bed and slept until after noon. Guess I was really tired. Hope and I walked a mile, but we had such bad reactions to the pollen that I decided we better not walk more.


Tuesday, it rained some so Hope and I did not walk. I hung out on the computer quite a bit.


Wednesday, we went to Sam’s because I needed to pick up my prescription for an anti-inflammatory. We shopped a while and Mom bought some cargo shorts and polo shirts for Alex’s birthday. She also bought me the book, The Maeve Binchy Writers’ Club by Maeve Binchy. I asked her to get it instead of the Capri pants she picked out for me. We went to the library for me to turn in books I had finished and I picked up some awesome new books. I am looking forward to these.


Today, I woke at 6:55am and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the groomer. We are having all the puppy dogs cut and groomed today.


That is a recent rundown. I hope your day is going well.



Jo Ann

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Intention Lists

Reality List – Here’s Where I Am


Living with Mom
Taking care of Mom
Battling my weight
Limited income
Lots of time to read
Writing very little
Surrounded by books
Surrounded by music
Exercising regularly
Dealing with pain
Surrounded by clutter
Have Hope as companion
Lonely at times
Happy most of the time
Close relationship with Alex
In debt to Mom


Wish List – Here’s Where I Want To Be


My own house
Mom living with me
Some help caring for Mom
Lose more weight
Comfortable income
Writing creatively regularly
Space for books
Space for music
An exercise coach to help me with fitness goals
Pain free
Space so I have places for everything
Find the love of my life
Financial stability
New vehicle
Get out more
More fun
More friends


Dump List – Here’s What I Want To Get Rid Of


Complete responsibility for Mom
Financial Insecurity
Reading to escape reality too much
Feeling uninspired
Physical pain
Debt to Mom
Compulsive shopping
Unlucky in love
Unhealthy relationship with food
Fear of failure
Fear of losing those I love
Poor body image


Keeper List – Here’s What I Want To Keep


Caring for Mom but not full responsibility
Love of reading
Collection of ink pens
Collection of books
Collection of music
Collection of bookmarks
Collection of blank books
Collection of puzzle books
Love of music
My close relationship with Alex
Having Hope as my companion
Relationship with God
Regular exercise
Friendship with Mom
Contacts to see with
Good doctors
Artistic ability
My computers
My email address
My phone service and DSL
My blog
My email groups
My voice
My poetry
Overall good health
My ability to encourage others
My handwriting
My cameras
My best friend, Reba
Closeness with my niece, Leigh
Time to pursue creative endeavors

Writing Gift
Well controlled Schizo-affective disorder

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What I Have Read Lately

I have not updated the books I have read since March 13th so I have quite a list. I think I will list them this time instead of writing them all in a paragraph:


Hard Rain by David Rollins is a thriller and I enjoyed it very much.
Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul by Deepak Chopra is a very good book on how to integrate body and soul and become more balanced. I liked it very much.
50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food by Susan Albers, Psy. D. is full of suggestions on how you can do something else when you crave food. I found it very interesting.
Angelology by Danielle Trussoni is an excellent novel about angels and the angelologists who study them. I own this book and highly recommend it.
The Templars by Michael Haag is a fascinating book on the history of the Knights Templar. I learned a lot by reading it.
Hastur Lord by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Deborah J. Ross is a wonderful fantasy novel. Even though it was one of a series from which I read no others it stood alone well.
City of Gold: Dubai by Jim Krane is an excellent book on the history of one of the Middle East’s most prosperous city-states. I found the book fascinating and learned a great deal about a part of the world that is not well-known to me.
The Devil’s Rooming House by M. William Phelps is a great book about one of the most infamous female serial killers of all time. I was shocked by the story this book tells, but it was well-written and I could not put it down until I finished.
Forgiveness by Paula Huston is a very good book on implementing forgiveness in one’s life. I enjoyed reading it.
Death By The Book by Lenny Bartulin was a good novel, not great, but decent. I liked it fairly well.
House Rules by Jodi Picoult is a fantastic novel. My Mom bought this one for me and I loved it.
Eight White Nights by Andre Aciman is a passable novel. It mostly dwells in one character’s mind and I did not like it as well as some others.
Coming of the Storm by W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear is a wonderful novel about first contact with the Indians in the Southeastern United States. I found it well-written and fascinating.
Changes by Jim Butcher is an awesome novel. I have read no others in this series, but found this one great. It deals with magicians, vampires, and law enforcement and does it very well.


Well that is what I have been reading.



Jo Ann

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I Guess I Should Clarify


For myself, personally, I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior. I have confessed my sins, accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, and been baptized into the Christian faith.


I believe Jesus was born the child of God, by the Holy Spirit, to the virgin Mary. I believe Jesus lived a sinless life, although in the approved scriptures of the Bible little of His life is documented outside His birth and His ministry. I believe Jesus performed many miracles during His ministry. I believe Jesus was condemned to die through no fault of His own, but so as to fulfill prophecy. I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins and that through His death I am forgiven and no longer condemned. I believe Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead and appeared before many on earth. I believe this resurrection was both bodily and spiritually performed. I believe that Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven and now lives with God the Father. I believe that one day Jesus Christ will return to earth and take home to Heaven His children.


However, I do not believe that everyone else has to believe what I do for them to have a valid spiritual path.


I believe some of the condemnations passed down by the earthly church should be less judgmental.


I believe Jesus Christ loves all the people in the world. I believe Christ embodies love.



Jo Ann

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Repeat Exercise 2 – Patterning

Repeat Exercise 2: Patterning
Writing Your Self
Chapter 12
Section 1: Getting Started
Saturday, April 17, 2010

Choose one of these opening phrases, complete a sentence with it and then add several more: ‘Today I am’, ‘I shall never’, ‘I want’, ‘I don’t want’, ‘Because I’, ‘I am going to’, ‘I won’t forget’, ‘I remember’, ‘Every day I’.

I won’t forget my brother, James, and how much I loved him even though we did not always agree.
I won’t forget how excited I was the day Mom allowed me to get my puppy dog, Hope.
I won’t forget how much I loved to go to the lake or river and water-ski in Summer.
I won’t forget how I was bullied when I was in school, the scars are still there on my soul.
I won’t forget the first time I held Alex in my arms after he was born.
I won’t forget how proud I was when Alex decided to become a United States Marine.
I won’t forget how happy I was to have a place to live when Mom allowed me to move in with her.
I won’t forget how much I enjoyed managing a convenience store.
I won’t forget my Jeep Liberty, even though I had to give it up because of financial difficulty.
I won’t forget how generous my mother is to me.
I won’t forget how bad it hurts to be forsaken by people you love.
I won’t forget how much a smile and a kind word can mean.
I won’t forget to tell those I love that I love them often.
I won’t forget being happy is a choice I make every moment.
I won’t forget that dreams can come true when one perseveres to make them happen.
I won’t forget what it is like to be lonely.
I won’t forget that prejudice is cruel.
I won’t forget that simple things can cause great pleasure.
I won’t forget that a label is not who a person is.
I won’t forget that music can make a long walk seem shorter.
I won’t forget that credit cards can cause financial disaster.
I won’t forget to respect those who defend our country and those who work to keep us safe.
I won’t forget how happy being in love can make me feel.
I won’t forget people are generally wonderful and kind.
I won’t forget what a privilege it is to have access to a library.
I won’t forget the first time I was praised for writing a poem.
I won’t forget that friendship is a give and take situation.

Now try this again using a feeling or state of mind in the form: ‘Hope is’, ‘Fear is’, ‘Determination is’, ‘Rage is’, ‘Disappointment is’, ‘Serenity is’, ‘I am afraid’, ‘I love’, ‘I’m angry because’, ‘I hope’, and so on.

I hope I never become so jaded I do not appreciate love.
I hope growing older does not debilitate me.
I hope Mom lives to be at least 100 years old.
I hope Alex’s life is always full of happiness and goodness.
I hope I am always able to read many books and my eyesight does not get worse.
I hope my puppy dog, Hope, is with me a very long time.
I hope my writing improves.
I hope I am able to pay my loans off in a timely manner.
I hope I fall in love with a wonderful man again one day.
I hope my friend, Reba, heals well from her back surgery.
I hope people grow more understanding of mental illness.
I hope my pain continues to be bearable.
I hope I am always able to afford some of the things I want and most of what I need.
I hope God keeps Alex safe as he serves as a Marine.
I hope I can be an encouragement to other people.
I hope I do not regain the weight I have lost.
I hope that I can someday set up a web site for writers and artists that is like the magazine I used to publish.
I hope I always enjoy learning new things.
I hope it becomes possible for people to live in peace.
I hope my friends and family always enjoy much happiness.
I hope I can go on a short vacation someday.
I hope my bills do not go up very much.
I hope I get another vehicle someday.
I hope my old desktop computer lasts many years because it has some programs and much information on it, which I cannot put on my laptop.
I hope I am always able to take care of my Mom.
I hope we get enough rain this year to keep us out of drought.

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