Repeat Exercise 2 – Patterning

Repeat Exercise 2: Patterning
Writing Your Self
Chapter 12
Section 1: Getting Started
Saturday, April 17, 2010

Choose one of these opening phrases, complete a sentence with it and then add several more: ‘Today I am’, ‘I shall never’, ‘I want’, ‘I don’t want’, ‘Because I’, ‘I am going to’, ‘I won’t forget’, ‘I remember’, ‘Every day I’.

I won’t forget my brother, James, and how much I loved him even though we did not always agree.
I won’t forget how excited I was the day Mom allowed me to get my puppy dog, Hope.
I won’t forget how much I loved to go to the lake or river and water-ski in Summer.
I won’t forget how I was bullied when I was in school, the scars are still there on my soul.
I won’t forget the first time I held Alex in my arms after he was born.
I won’t forget how proud I was when Alex decided to become a United States Marine.
I won’t forget how happy I was to have a place to live when Mom allowed me to move in with her.
I won’t forget how much I enjoyed managing a convenience store.
I won’t forget my Jeep Liberty, even though I had to give it up because of financial difficulty.
I won’t forget how generous my mother is to me.
I won’t forget how bad it hurts to be forsaken by people you love.
I won’t forget how much a smile and a kind word can mean.
I won’t forget to tell those I love that I love them often.
I won’t forget being happy is a choice I make every moment.
I won’t forget that dreams can come true when one perseveres to make them happen.
I won’t forget what it is like to be lonely.
I won’t forget that prejudice is cruel.
I won’t forget that simple things can cause great pleasure.
I won’t forget that a label is not who a person is.
I won’t forget that music can make a long walk seem shorter.
I won’t forget that credit cards can cause financial disaster.
I won’t forget to respect those who defend our country and those who work to keep us safe.
I won’t forget how happy being in love can make me feel.
I won’t forget people are generally wonderful and kind.
I won’t forget what a privilege it is to have access to a library.
I won’t forget the first time I was praised for writing a poem.
I won’t forget that friendship is a give and take situation.

Now try this again using a feeling or state of mind in the form: ‘Hope is’, ‘Fear is’, ‘Determination is’, ‘Rage is’, ‘Disappointment is’, ‘Serenity is’, ‘I am afraid’, ‘I love’, ‘I’m angry because’, ‘I hope’, and so on.

I hope I never become so jaded I do not appreciate love.
I hope growing older does not debilitate me.
I hope Mom lives to be at least 100 years old.
I hope Alex’s life is always full of happiness and goodness.
I hope I am always able to read many books and my eyesight does not get worse.
I hope my puppy dog, Hope, is with me a very long time.
I hope my writing improves.
I hope I am able to pay my loans off in a timely manner.
I hope I fall in love with a wonderful man again one day.
I hope my friend, Reba, heals well from her back surgery.
I hope people grow more understanding of mental illness.
I hope my pain continues to be bearable.
I hope I am always able to afford some of the things I want and most of what I need.
I hope God keeps Alex safe as he serves as a Marine.
I hope I can be an encouragement to other people.
I hope I do not regain the weight I have lost.
I hope that I can someday set up a web site for writers and artists that is like the magazine I used to publish.
I hope I always enjoy learning new things.
I hope it becomes possible for people to live in peace.
I hope my friends and family always enjoy much happiness.
I hope I can go on a short vacation someday.
I hope my bills do not go up very much.
I hope I get another vehicle someday.
I hope my old desktop computer lasts many years because it has some programs and much information on it, which I cannot put on my laptop.
I hope I am always able to take care of my Mom.
I hope we get enough rain this year to keep us out of drought.

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