Intention Lists

Reality List – Here’s Where I Am


Living with Mom
Taking care of Mom
Battling my weight
Limited income
Lots of time to read
Writing very little
Surrounded by books
Surrounded by music
Exercising regularly
Dealing with pain
Surrounded by clutter
Have Hope as companion
Lonely at times
Happy most of the time
Close relationship with Alex
In debt to Mom


Wish List – Here’s Where I Want To Be


My own house
Mom living with me
Some help caring for Mom
Lose more weight
Comfortable income
Writing creatively regularly
Space for books
Space for music
An exercise coach to help me with fitness goals
Pain free
Space so I have places for everything
Find the love of my life
Financial stability
New vehicle
Get out more
More fun
More friends


Dump List – Here’s What I Want To Get Rid Of


Complete responsibility for Mom
Financial Insecurity
Reading to escape reality too much
Feeling uninspired
Physical pain
Debt to Mom
Compulsive shopping
Unlucky in love
Unhealthy relationship with food
Fear of failure
Fear of losing those I love
Poor body image


Keeper List – Here’s What I Want To Keep


Caring for Mom but not full responsibility
Love of reading
Collection of ink pens
Collection of books
Collection of music
Collection of bookmarks
Collection of blank books
Collection of puzzle books
Love of music
My close relationship with Alex
Having Hope as my companion
Relationship with God
Regular exercise
Friendship with Mom
Contacts to see with
Good doctors
Artistic ability
My computers
My email address
My phone service and DSL
My blog
My email groups
My voice
My poetry
Overall good health
My ability to encourage others
My handwriting
My cameras
My best friend, Reba
Closeness with my niece, Leigh
Time to pursue creative endeavors

Writing Gift
Well controlled Schizo-affective disorder

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