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Check In…

The last few days have been quiet. Wednesday night Laura came into town to get Alex’s tags and spent the night here. She left without even seeing Mom or me on Thursday morning. She did get Alex’s tags and headed back to Cherry Point to spend some more time with him.


I washed several loads of clothes on Thursday. Mom started washing and it just exhausted her, so I took over. My blog was off line all day, so I could not post my thankful list to it. Hope and I walked one mile.


In the wee hours of Friday morning, I joined Facebook. I had been resisting it for a long while. I spent a lot of the day Friday on Facebook. I connected with many classmates from high school. I also connected with some of the people on Journal Writing. Hope and I walked two miles.


I talked to Alex on Saturday afternoon. He and Laura were doing well. He had bought another old pickup truck. I spent a good bit of the day on Facebook. I posted many pictures on my blog. There were thunderstorms, which terrified Hope.


Today was quiet. Alex called a couple of times. Laura left Cherry Point to come back home. I talked to my best friend Reba, and my niece Leigh. I walked one mile with Hope. We came in and almost immediately, a thunderstorm started. The rain poured. I posted some things on Facebook. Mom took my picture so I could post a current photo. She actually handled the camera better than she had ever done before. We had hot dogs and fries for a late lunch.


Well, that is about all that happened. I have not finished a book because I have been on the computer so much.




This is a photo of Hope and me taken just today. You can see the screen of my laptop and infamous stack of books in the background. The teddy bear is the one Alex gave me for Valentines Day.


Jo Ann

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Thankful Thursday


I am thankful:


  1. Alex’s girlfriend, Laura, made the drive here safely last night. She came to renew Alex’s tags because he was unable to get leave time.
  2. I have done several pages of journaling this week.
  3. My phone is working after going out of service last Thursday. I will not be billed a service call because the problem was at the junction box.
  4. Mom is feeling a little better after having a bad cough earlier in the week.
  5. I use Microsoft One Note to write some of my journal entries and really like the program’s interface.
  6. Mom bought me a package of ice cream.
  7. We live outside of the city and most of the time it is peaceful and quiet here.
  8. My baby, Hope, keeps me company.
  9. I ordered a year subscription to O magazine, a tote bag with logo, and a white tee-shirt with logo from Because I had the points these things were free.
  10. My niece, Leigh, and I are very close. She and her family are helping out here and that lifts some of the burden on me.

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Midweek Reflection

The last few days I have spent a good bit of time surfing the web. I am getting familiar with Internet Explorer 8. I have been switching between sites on different tabs and exploring. I had to call AT&T yesterday because my internet connection kept being dropped. They found the frequency was set wrong on the line, so they changed it. It has been working better since they adjusted it.


Yesterday, I finished reading The Wild Zone by Joy Fielding. This was a very good novel. It kept me involved from the first page to the last. The ending was unexpected, but totally right for the story.


Hope and I walked two miles on Monday and Tuesday. I thought we might not get to walk both days because of rain, but it cleared off in the evenings and we walked. It is so hot even in the late evening.


Alex called last night and we talked without any harshness.


Today, I went to the chiropractor. Mom and I ate at Wendy’s. Mom paid for my lunch and a vanilla frosty. I took some books back to the library, picked up one book I had on hold, and checked out some new books. We went to Sam’s, picked up Mom’s medicine and several things that were on her list. At Wal-Mart, Mom got a food chopper and some groceries. She bought me a package of Breyers Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. I borrowed enough money to get some Diet Cokes since they were $5.00 a case. I will pay her back when I get my disability payment next week.


I dressed up in some new clothes today. It felt good to be in nicer things. I probably will change before I walk Hope.


That catches up with my week so far.


Jo Ann

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Exercise 3: Here and Now

Exercise 3: Here and Now
Writing Your Self by John Killick & Myra Schneider
Chapter 12
Section 1: Getting Started
Monday, May 24, 2010


There is a stack of fourteen books sitting here by my laptop. These are mostly books I have purchased over the last few months. One is a book Mom bought me and two are books I bought a while back. I want to read these books or I would not have gotten them, but I check out so many wonderful books from the library that these are neglected. Most people may consider this a crazy way to conduct my reading, but it is an old habit. I must have hundreds of books I purchased but have not read. I always tell myself I will get to them, and I do from time to time. However, I am much more likely to read a library book.


I have already read fifty-three books this year. Most of that number has been library books. I am hoping to read more than one hundred books this year. I wish my reading speed were faster so I could read even more. I am keeping a list of the books I read in one of my journals that is specifically for that and I enter them on Next year I plan to note a short review of the books in my book journal. I have only been listing title, author, dates read, and number of pages in my book journal. On, I have been writing a short review so I do not know if one in the book journal might be redundant.


Saturday afternoon I told my niece, Leigh, that the only thing I did not like about my laptop was I often do unexpected things by touching the touchpad while typing. She told me on most laptops there was a button above the touchpad that would turn it off. I found it and now I am very happy with this computer. I wish I had mentioned that problem sooner because since August I have had some terrible incidents because of inadvertently touching the touchpad. Sometimes although I have been using computers over twenty years, I do the stupidest things with them.


Mom is not feeling well today. Her chest is tight and she is coughing rather badly. I encouraged her to take Maximum Strength Mucinex and Loratadine and already there is an improvement. She is sleeping on the couch and I suppose that is the best thing for her. I am always trying to help her feel the best she can.


I did not wake up until 9:00 this morning. Sleeping that late is becoming less frequent for me even though I am staying up rather late. I like the quiet after Mom and the puppy dogs have gone to bed. I usually read or compute during those peaceful moments.


Today I decided to concentrate on this exercise. The instructions were rather long and I do not really like copying them from the book anyway so I did not include them at the beginning. The instructions said to concentrate on your surroundings and write in detail about something there then move on to writing about yourself or other things. The book I am getting these exercises from is a very good one. I enjoyed reading it and think the exercises are very useful. I often need some prompt to get me writing because my natural inspiration seems to have disappeared. I hope to begin writing more. I find that if I write my creativity begins to stir. I guess I should try to write a journal entry every day, but often I am not motivated to do it. I like reading too much and I have a daunting goal for how many books I want to read this year. Writing simply takes up so much time. I am not a fast typist, nor am I quick with a pen. I spend a lot of time thinking about what I am writing and how I am expressing myself. Although most books encourage disregarding spelling and grammar I do not like to do it. I am too much a perfectionist to allow myself that leniency. I have written more here than I ever expected. Producing even a page is usually difficult. I suppose I am in a verbose mood today.


Last night I registered for an email account at I do not intend to stop using my current account, but think having another one might be a good idea. I set up my homepage on Google and found it fun. I added Hangman to the page and wound up playing the game repeatedly. I won, most of the time. I always loved playing that game. I do not have any games on the laptop except the ones that come loaded with Windows, but on the old desktop, I have many games. I rarely use the desktop anymore; it has mostly become file storage. I did clear out the desk chair so that I could use it more easily. Since Leigh brought the executive chair from Alex’s room to the table where my laptop is located, I have been much more comfortable using it.


There are only five years of blog entries listed on my MSN Spaces blog now. I guess the service has been deleting them to conserve server space. I am very upset about this policy because back when I started my blog in 2003 I was not saving my entries anywhere else. Now those are gone forever. I wish they had notified me that they were going to limit the blog so I could have copied what I had stored there. I really thought the internet was forever, bad mistake. Sometimes the way Microsoft does things irritates me very much. Right now, I cannot use the MSN service because it conflicts with Outlook so I called MSN and asked them to suspend my account until the new version of the software comes out. They told me they could not do that. The only way I can stop paying for something I cannot currently use is to cancel my account. I really want to continue when the new version comes out, so I am stuck paying. It seems very unfair. I guess when a company is as big as Microsoft they can get away with treating their customers poorly. The thing is everything is so Microsoft dependant that I cannot stop using their products to show my displeasure.


I finished two more books since I wrote my journal entry yesterday. They were:
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is a very good young adult novel that should appeal to most adults. It tells an interesting story set in the near future. I liked the characters and the challenges they faced.
Blockade Billy by Stephen King is a very short book. It is interesting and the narrator’s voice is compelling. The story is trademark King.


I guess I have written enough. I need to eat lunch and change out of my pajamas. I have been lounging around ever since I woke up.


Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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Share An Entry Sunday

Laura, Alex’s girlfriend, came by Tuesday afternoon and picked up Alex’s waterproof boots and the clothes Mom bought him as a birthday present.


Wednesday, I went to the chiropractor and took Mom’s bills to the post office to mail. We went by Lowe’s and Mom bought a weed-eater and two 2 gallon gas cans. We ate lunch at Wendy’s. I had the $2.99 chicken sandwich special. I like this meal pretty well and it is about the cheapest full meal I can get. I took the books that needed renewing to the library and something very strange happened. All 20 or so art books I had were on reserve to one person. It was like she knew what I had checked out. I think I am going to get a new library card because I think mine might be compromised. We went by Wal-Mart and picked up a few things Mom needed. At Sam’s I got my Adipex prescription and Mom bought some beautiful new dishes and a few other things. Hope and I walked two miles. I finished reading Climate of Change by Piers Anthony. I enjoyed this book. It covered many eras of history and told a series of engaging stories in a novel form.


Thursday, we took Hope to the vet and she had the Lyme disease vaccination. I was worried about her getting infected because most days when we walk I find a tick on her later. Mom paid for the shot and I will pay her back at the beginning of June when I receive my disability payment. We went to PetsMart to buy dog food. I found the Shih Tzu mug I had been wanting and bought it. I also bought two clearance toys for Hope. My phone went out in the afternoon and I discovered it when Alex called on Mom’s line and said mine was ringing but not connecting. I tried it and could not get a dial tone. My DSL was still working. I called the phone company and went through all their troubleshooting steps, but could find nothing amiss. I set up an appointment for the repairman to come out even though AT&T said it would cost $85.00. Mom said she would pay the service call because there was just no way I could afford it. It rained overnight.


Friday, the technician from AT&T was supposed to come between 8:00am and 12:00pm. I dressed early so he would not find me in my pajamas. I called Uniden tech support to find out if there was a problem with my new phones and was reassured that they were functioning properly. The problem was definitely in the line. I moved a lot of bags of new stuff into Alex’s room so the technician could get to the phone jack. At almost 12:00, after I had called to see if he was lost, the technician called on my line and said he had found a lightning strike at the junction box a couple of miles up the highway. He did not come to the house so I will not be charged for a service call. He said that my DSL continuing to work was just one of the weird things they find sometimes. It was so fortunate that the lightning did not strike Mom’s line too. I put the new dishes in the cabinet and put the 40 and 60 year old ones in the boxes to give to my niece, Leigh. I also put the newest set of Corelle dishes up in the cabinet so they could be used instead of waiting in hiding. I had to do a lot of rearranging to fit everything in the cabinet. Hope and I walked one mile.


Saturday, Mom went out with her best friend, June. I vacuumed the floor. It was nice being able to get to most of the floor in my room. I skipped Alex’s room because it is a disaster area with all my stuff piled into it. Mom had a spell of weakness in her legs while she was out. I think it was due to going too long without eating. When she ate she felt better immediately. She brought me a pink scrub top with kittens and puppies on it from Garden Ridge, which had just opened in Douglasville. Leigh and her family visited. They brought pizza for supper. I let my great-niece, Edith, borrow Under The Dome by Stephen King. When they left around 9:30 they took the old dishes with them.


This morning Mom went to Sunday school with her friend, Betty. June is supposed to bring her home. I am just hanging out with the puppy dogs. I plan on doing some reading after I finish this entry.


I hope all of you have a pleasant day and that the upcoming week is a good one.


Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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Thankful Thursday

I am thankful:


1.     Dr. Desai gave me a new prescription for Adipex, so maybe I won’t gain anymore of my weight back this month. I have gained 5 pounds over the two months I have been off Adipex.

2.    Laura came by and picked up the present Mom had bought for Alex’s birthday on her way to see him on Tuesday.

3.    The MSN technician moved my bookmarks from MSN to Internet Explorer so I do not have to log into the MSN browser to have my Favorites.

4.    Mom bought beautiful new dishes at Sam’s Club and I get to use them.

5.    I decided to take Hope to get a shot to prevent Lyme disease because the ticks are bad here this year and Mom let me borrow the money to pay for it until the beginning of June when I get paid.

6.    I found a wonderful Shih Tzu cup like Mom’s at PetsMart.

7.    Outlook has been working beautifully.

8.    I have friends online.

9.    I can read and write.

10.  I live in the United States of America.

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Check In

I am here and fairing well. Last week was a bit difficult because Alex upset me a great deal, but I was able to move past it. I am going to have to get a little tougher where he and his girlfriend are concerned. It seems Alex can hurt me worse than anyone else, though Mom is a close second.


I finally resolved the software problems I was having. Outlook is now working better than ever and I have just resolved not to use the MSN program. A MSN technician moved my favorites from MSN to Internet Explorer so I really do not need the program anymore. I am considering cancelling my subscription because the program was causing other problems.


I have only read a few books since my last entry about them. That is mainly because two of them were quite long. I had begun to think one of them was going to last forever. When I got a nice haul of books I was very interested in I resolved to finish the one that was so long. Here are the titles and a brief description of the books that have kept me busy lately:


Flirt by Laurell K. Hamilton was okay. There was really too much sexual content for me to enjoy this book much. The writing just seemed an excuse to expose sexual exploits and that was not something I liked.

The Bridge by David Remnick was an extremely interesting biography of our present president. I learned a lot about Barack Obama’s life. It cleared up a lot of questions for me.

Christianity by Diarmaid MacCulloch was a very thorough history of this religious faith. It covered the past in depth as well as the present and gave some speculation of where the future might lead. The book was long but informative and held my interest throughout.

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick was a young adult novel, but I found it very enjoyable. It was a very fast read and nice because the other two more recent books were so dense with information. The story was fascinating and it did not seem like a juvenile book.


Mom had to have a CT scan on her stomach and abdomen because she seems to have some bloating in those areas. The scan showed some thickening of the intestinal wall so she has to have a colonoscopy for more conclusive results. I am a little worried although the doctor seems to think everything will be fine.


Mom was getting tired of doing word finds and wanted something to read. I gave her House Rules by Jodi Picoult because I had enjoyed it. She does not read much and hardly ever novels, but she seems to be enjoying it. Since she got her new glasses she is more able to concentrate on print for long periods. I am so glad I finally convinced her to get an eye exam.


Hope and I have walked most days lately. We are doing two miles a day. It is so enjoyable seeing how she loves to get outside. Hope is such a good companion for me. I never knew I could love a dog so much. She is so important to me. I have had several dogs over the years but have never bonded with one so much before.


I have done some variety puzzles lately, but reading seems to interest me more. The writing I do here is most of what I am getting done. I wish I were more dedicated to writing, but do not seem to have inspiration to engross me. I guess a little is better than none.


That mostly catches up with me. I hope all you are doing well.



Jo Ann

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Thankful List – 5/17/2010

I am thankful:


1.     Jeremy fixed my toilet Saturday so I do not have to go back to Mom’s for another week.

2.    Leigh came, cut the yard, and brought the executive chair out to sit here at my laptop. I could not lift it up like she did to move it here.

3.    The chiropractor was able to help me Wednesday when I was hurting so bad.

4.    Mom bought me a nice new belt.

5.    I found some very good books at the library Friday.

6.    Hope and I walked several times this past week.

7.    I am about to finish the book, Christianity, and I have really learned a lot from it.

8.    Alex and I talked on Sunday and I was able to wish him a Happy 22nd Birthday.

9.    I am in a better mood than I was Tuesday when Alex upset me so badly.

10.  I was brave enough to let Alex know he had upset me so badly that I was in physical pain. I cannot allow him to continue treating me that way.

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Thankful List – May 7, 2010

I am thankful:


1.     Mom’s cataracts have not recurred. She just needed new glasses.

2.    Mom bought me new Uniden phones as a Mother’s Day and Birthday gift.

3.    Leigh, Jesse, and two of their kids did the yard work Friday and Saturday of last week.

4.    I paid half my car insurance and will pay the other half in June or July.

5.    I finally have Outlook working properly again.

6.    I got some new pajamas for Summer.

7.    I got some Pilot G2 gel pens from Sam’s Club.

8.    I donated $5 to Organizing For America to help with the 2010 campaigns. It was the first time I donated to a political cause.

9.    I bought some éclairs from Sam’s Club and they are delicious.

10.  Coke products were on sale for $5 for a case at Wal-Mart so I stocked up on Caffeine Free Diet Coke and Diet Coke.


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