Check In

I am here and fairing well. Last week was a bit difficult because Alex upset me a great deal, but I was able to move past it. I am going to have to get a little tougher where he and his girlfriend are concerned. It seems Alex can hurt me worse than anyone else, though Mom is a close second.


I finally resolved the software problems I was having. Outlook is now working better than ever and I have just resolved not to use the MSN program. A MSN technician moved my favorites from MSN to Internet Explorer so I really do not need the program anymore. I am considering cancelling my subscription because the program was causing other problems.


I have only read a few books since my last entry about them. That is mainly because two of them were quite long. I had begun to think one of them was going to last forever. When I got a nice haul of books I was very interested in I resolved to finish the one that was so long. Here are the titles and a brief description of the books that have kept me busy lately:


Flirt by Laurell K. Hamilton was okay. There was really too much sexual content for me to enjoy this book much. The writing just seemed an excuse to expose sexual exploits and that was not something I liked.

The Bridge by David Remnick was an extremely interesting biography of our present president. I learned a lot about Barack Obama’s life. It cleared up a lot of questions for me.

Christianity by Diarmaid MacCulloch was a very thorough history of this religious faith. It covered the past in depth as well as the present and gave some speculation of where the future might lead. The book was long but informative and held my interest throughout.

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick was a young adult novel, but I found it very enjoyable. It was a very fast read and nice because the other two more recent books were so dense with information. The story was fascinating and it did not seem like a juvenile book.


Mom had to have a CT scan on her stomach and abdomen because she seems to have some bloating in those areas. The scan showed some thickening of the intestinal wall so she has to have a colonoscopy for more conclusive results. I am a little worried although the doctor seems to think everything will be fine.


Mom was getting tired of doing word finds and wanted something to read. I gave her House Rules by Jodi Picoult because I had enjoyed it. She does not read much and hardly ever novels, but she seems to be enjoying it. Since she got her new glasses she is more able to concentrate on print for long periods. I am so glad I finally convinced her to get an eye exam.


Hope and I have walked most days lately. We are doing two miles a day. It is so enjoyable seeing how she loves to get outside. Hope is such a good companion for me. I never knew I could love a dog so much. She is so important to me. I have had several dogs over the years but have never bonded with one so much before.


I have done some variety puzzles lately, but reading seems to interest me more. The writing I do here is most of what I am getting done. I wish I were more dedicated to writing, but do not seem to have inspiration to engross me. I guess a little is better than none.


That mostly catches up with me. I hope all you are doing well.



Jo Ann

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