Midweek Reflection

The last few days I have spent a good bit of time surfing the web. I am getting familiar with Internet Explorer 8. I have been switching between sites on different tabs and exploring. I had to call AT&T yesterday because my internet connection kept being dropped. They found the frequency was set wrong on the line, so they changed it. It has been working better since they adjusted it.


Yesterday, I finished reading The Wild Zone by Joy Fielding. This was a very good novel. It kept me involved from the first page to the last. The ending was unexpected, but totally right for the story.


Hope and I walked two miles on Monday and Tuesday. I thought we might not get to walk both days because of rain, but it cleared off in the evenings and we walked. It is so hot even in the late evening.


Alex called last night and we talked without any harshness.


Today, I went to the chiropractor. Mom and I ate at Wendy’s. Mom paid for my lunch and a vanilla frosty. I took some books back to the library, picked up one book I had on hold, and checked out some new books. We went to Sam’s, picked up Mom’s medicine and several things that were on her list. At Wal-Mart, Mom got a food chopper and some groceries. She bought me a package of Breyers Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. I borrowed enough money to get some Diet Cokes since they were $5.00 a case. I will pay her back when I get my disability payment next week.


I dressed up in some new clothes today. It felt good to be in nicer things. I probably will change before I walk Hope.


That catches up with my week so far.


Jo Ann

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