Thankful Thursday


I am thankful:


  1. Alex’s girlfriend, Laura, made the drive here safely last night. She came to renew Alex’s tags because he was unable to get leave time.
  2. I have done several pages of journaling this week.
  3. My phone is working after going out of service last Thursday. I will not be billed a service call because the problem was at the junction box.
  4. Mom is feeling a little better after having a bad cough earlier in the week.
  5. I use Microsoft One Note to write some of my journal entries and really like the program’s interface.
  6. Mom bought me a package of ice cream.
  7. We live outside of the city and most of the time it is peaceful and quiet here.
  8. My baby, Hope, keeps me company.
  9. I ordered a year subscription to O magazine, a tote bag with logo, and a white tee-shirt with logo from Because I had the points these things were free.
  10. My niece, Leigh, and I are very close. She and her family are helping out here and that lifts some of the burden on me.
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