Check In…

The last few days have been quiet. Wednesday night Laura came into town to get Alex’s tags and spent the night here. She left without even seeing Mom or me on Thursday morning. She did get Alex’s tags and headed back to Cherry Point to spend some more time with him.


I washed several loads of clothes on Thursday. Mom started washing and it just exhausted her, so I took over. My blog was off line all day, so I could not post my thankful list to it. Hope and I walked one mile.


In the wee hours of Friday morning, I joined Facebook. I had been resisting it for a long while. I spent a lot of the day Friday on Facebook. I connected with many classmates from high school. I also connected with some of the people on Journal Writing. Hope and I walked two miles.


I talked to Alex on Saturday afternoon. He and Laura were doing well. He had bought another old pickup truck. I spent a good bit of the day on Facebook. I posted many pictures on my blog. There were thunderstorms, which terrified Hope.


Today was quiet. Alex called a couple of times. Laura left Cherry Point to come back home. I talked to my best friend Reba, and my niece Leigh. I walked one mile with Hope. We came in and almost immediately, a thunderstorm started. The rain poured. I posted some things on Facebook. Mom took my picture so I could post a current photo. She actually handled the camera better than she had ever done before. We had hot dogs and fries for a late lunch.


Well, that is about all that happened. I have not finished a book because I have been on the computer so much.




This is a photo of Hope and me taken just today. You can see the screen of my laptop and infamous stack of books in the background. The teddy bear is the one Alex gave me for Valentines Day.


Jo Ann

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