Thankful Thursday

I think I really need this list today because it has been an awful day for me. I guess it is my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome kicking in, but I have just felt lousy all day long. I never picked up any energy today.


I am thankful:


1.     Moon Pie heated for ten seconds in the microwave makes a gooey delicious breakfast.

2.    My computers and DSL keep me connected with the world.

3.    Alex found a wonderful and beautiful fiancée.

4.    Cartridge World replaced my printer cartridge free of charge because it malfunctioned.

5.    I bought ice cream today.

6.    I have a great Nikon digital camera.

7.    Mom makes very good macaroni salad.

8.    I decided to join Facebook and have reconnected with many friends.

9.    Mom likes the tee shirt I gave her that I ordered for free with my points from .

10.  The internet puts unlimited information at my fingertips.


Jo Ann

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