Another Thankful Thursday

I am thankful:


1.     Alex and I are keeping in close communication.

2.    I found some great books at Barnes & Noble on Saturday.

3.    I got a new comforter to eventually replace the one the dogs have messed up with their little paws.

4.    I survived many times when I could have easily been dead.

5.    I stay busy enough to avoid loneliness most of the time.

6.    My writing helps me maintain a semblance of stability.

7.    I slept well last night.

8.    Technology keeps advancing into areas that were fiction years ago.

9.    Prayer is effective and miracles do happen.

10.  My mother and I have a better relationship now than we did when I was younger.

11.  I have my sweet Hope.

12.  I picked some books for Mom that she is enjoying reading.

13.  We have telephones, computers, and the internet, which let us stay in touch with those we love even at great distances.

14.  The television has an off button.

15.  Enough people still read books to keep publishers in business, so books are still available to me.


Jo Ann

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