I Am Forever Grateful

 I wrote in my thankful list: "I survived many times when I could have easily been dead." There are many moments in my life to which that could refer, but one was brought back to me forcefully this morning.


When I was a young teenager, please forgive me I cannot remember the exact age, I had a boyfriend that I adored. One day, we were in his house alone and something scary happened. We were in his parents bedroom and he pulled out a pistol. He loaded a couple of bullets into it. Then he held the gun to my head, spun the cylinder, and pulled the trigger. He did it three times before I ran away in terror.


I learned this morning that last night this particular boyfriend of mine was executed for murdering an ex-girlfriend and her niece twenty-four years ago.


But for the grace of God, it could have been my family that had such a tragedy with which to deal. I am so sorry for the family that lost loved ones. I am also sorry for his family that has had to live with the pain of what he did for so many years. I pray all involved find some closure now.


I have to live with the fact that if I had told someone, back then, what happened to me that maybe the tragedy could have been prevented. I feel guilty for staying silent.



Jo Ann

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