Check-in, Roll Call…

Wednesday evening, Hope and I walked one mile. I learned the next morning that Ray Melbert Ford, Jr. was executed for double murder.


Thursday, we stayed home and I read and computed. Mom was on her clear liquid diet and very weak. I completed my thankful list and a journal entry after learning about Ray’s execution. Hope and I walked one mile.


Friday, I woke up at 2:45am. I could not go back to sleep because I was worried over Mom. I read and computed. I mixed Mom’s prep at 5:00am and woke her at 7:00am to drink it. We went to the diagnostic center and the test was performed. The results showed Mom just has Diverticulitis. We have known about that for years, so it was nothing new to worry about. We stopped by the library and I returned some books and picked up one on hold and a few others off the new arrivals shelves. We ate lunch at Wendy’s and Mom paid for mine. She said it was to thank me for taking care of her during her test preparation and taking her for the test. It was a nice gesture. I finished reading From Eternity to Here by Sean Carroll. It was a good book for one on scientific theory, but it really did not give a definitive answer for what time is. I learned a lot about different theories, but I already had almost as clear a definition of time at the beginning of the book as I did at the end. I think anyone who likes scientific explanations would like the book. Hope and I walked two miles.


Saturday, we went to Sam’s Club to pick up Mom’s medicine. I bought a book, The Love Dare Day by Day, to give to Alex when he gets married. I also bought a bottle of wine and June’s issue of O Magazine. Mom asked me if I wanted to get a video camera, because I have been wanting one forever and looking at them a lot recently. I decided that even though I had to borrow the money from her, I would get one. I wanted it so I could take video of her and of Alex, and would have a record in case something should happen to either of them. I chose the Canon FS300 which uses a SD card for memory and came with a carrying case. I picked up a 32GB SD card to go with the camera and bought the three year warranty which extends to four years because we have the Advantage Plus membership. Altogether it was almost $400.00, but I think it will be well worth the cost. When I returned home, I discovered how complicated the camcorder is. I think it is worse than the computer or VCR. I usually think I am fairly technically adept, but geez, this thing boggles the mind. Hope and I walked two miles.


This morning, I got up and did some re-reading of the manual for the camcorder and realized the memory card did have to be initialized. I managed to get that done. I am just taking it easy today. I have read and responded to some email. I logged onto Facebook and checked out what was going on there. Mom’s best friend brought subs for lunch, so I am outta here.


I hope everyone has a great day!


Jo Ann

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