Thankful List

I am thankful:


1.     The circuit breaker for the bathrooms quit tripping and is working fine.

2.    I got a camcorder with Mom’s help.

3.    I got a haircut that everyone seems to like.

4.    I met with one of my classmates, gave her a gift bag full of goodies, and she apologized for being mean to me when we were in school. We had a wonderful time together.

5.    I bought two books and a London Fog coat at Sam’s.

6.    I bought one of the art books I have been wanting very much at Borders.

7.    Even though we got caught up in horrible traffic, we got Carrie Leigh’s graduation cake and ice cream home without ruining them.

8.    When Mom came down with an earache and sore throat Thursday evening I was able to get her an appointment Friday and took her to see the nurse practitioner. We got meds and she is already feeling better.

9.    Mom enjoyed going to Carrie Leigh’s graduation from technical college and I stayed home.

10.  I have read sixty books so far this year.

11. Ricky requested we become friends on Facebook and we chatted for a long while.


Jo Ann

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