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Thankful List

 I am thankful:


  1. Alex had a week leave and enjoyed himself while he stayed here.
  2. Jana and I spent a day at her house together and had a great time.
  3. Mom has mostly recovered from her fall.
  4. I found a great planner at Wal-Mart to keep my daily notes in.
  5. I got a Microsoft Wireless Mouse for my laptop and I am very happy with the way it lets me navigate pages more easily.
  6. I got a hard drive on which to back up my computer.
  7. I went to the tent sale at Borders and bought $839 worth of books for only $39.
  8. I was able to bathe all three of our puppy dogs yesterday.
  9. Hope and Ko-Ko  had good annual exams at our veterinarian.
  10. I have been reading many good books and am well on my way of meeting my goal of reading 120 books this year.

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