Thankful List

I am thankful:

1.   Mom bought me a BlackBerry as an early Christmas present and is paying for six months of Boost Mobile service.
2.   I found new collars and leashes for Hope that are very pretty and were extremely reasonably priced.
3.   After being extremely upset, Mom has settled down and is being human again.
4.   I entered over 100 contacts into my BlackBerry and called several people I had not spoken to in ages. It was nice hearing their voices.
5.   I bought several wonderful books at Sam’s Club and Borders.
6.   Laura, Alex’s fiancée, asked me to do the writing inside their wedding invitations.
7.   We have heat to keep us warm as days grow cold.
8.   Hope, my puppy dog, is adorable, sweet, and lovable.
9.   So far, Mom and I have not been physically sick this season.
10. We are staying home for Christmas.
11.  I am blessed beyond all measure by the Lord who loves me and cares for my every need.
12.  My son, Alex, has grown into a wonderful young man who exceeds my expectations with his sterling character.
13.  I have read so many great books this year. 122 and counting.
14.  I cooked for Thanksgiving Day and Mom said it was delicious.
15.  I am content with my life, though it is not glamorous or exciting.


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