Thankful Thursday–June 2, 2011

I am thankful:

!.   Air conditioning keeps the house livable in the scorching heat.
2.   Two of the books I had ordered from arrived. I am not sure I am keeping them because they were mutilated in shipping, but at least they finally came. I am a stickler for perfect books.
3.   We are staying home today.
4.   I am cooking sirloin steaks with broccoli rice au gratin and sweet peas with pearl onions and mushrooms for supper. We will have lemon meringue pie for dessert.
5.   I remembered to remove my bookmarks when I had to return some books that were on hold at the library.
6.   Penny felt feisty enough to bark at Ko-Ko earlier today. Penny is a thirteen year old Shih Tzu and Ko-Ko is an irritating two year old of the same breed.
7.   There have been no thunderstorms for a week or more. However, I wish God would see fit to send us some good soaking rains. The plants are suffering.
8.   I have decided to put off purchasing a new computer for some time. I may attempt upgrading this laptop to Windows 7, since I have the disk and everything.
9.   I am not in quite so black a mood.
10.  Writing out thankful lists seems to make me feel somewhat better.

Jo Ann

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  1. #1 by andrea gehrke on June 2, 2011 - 4:10 pm

    Thank you for sharing something so personal and for reminding us to simply look around ourselves for things to embrace with gratitude.

  2. #2 by Jo Ann J. A. Jordan on June 2, 2011 - 4:29 pm


    Thank you for reading. The gratitude lists are an old habit of mine I had neglected for a while, but they make me feel better so I am trying them often right now.

    Please come back and visit again.

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