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Update and Thankful List – Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Much has happened since I last updated here. My son Alex spent a little more than a month here at home with us. It was good to have him home, but it was also hectic. On Saturday, July 2, 2011 Alex married Laura-Ann Coale. The wedding ceremony was beautiful and I am so happy to have gained a wonderful daughter-in-law. I hope and pray that God will richly bless their marriage. I was kept busy with helping to arrange the event and keeping the household running. Alex left for Japan, where he will be stationed for three years, on July 8th. We have not had much communication since then. I am hoping we will begin to communicate more as he settles into life there.

I am thankful:

1.   Alex and Laura had a beautiful wedding.
2.   They were able to get away for a short honeymoon.
3.   Mom and I were able to be at the wedding, and help make things work out well.
4.   Laura has been working on our back porch and is going to stain it and the ramp.
5.   I re-learned how to use the DVD player and have watched a concert with Mom.
6.   I have been cooking more, even though I still hate cooking.
7.   I have had some awesome books to read.
8.   The lilies finally bloomed and I got some beautiful pictures.
9.   Alex gave me an iPod Touch 64GB.
10.  The dogs were groomed last Wednesday and look adorable.

Mom had a bad day Friday, and was very sick. She is doing better now.

I have been very concerned about the drama playing out in Washington and am quite convinced that our politicians have lost touch with the American people. I do not believe they have our best interests at heart. I may be very economically challenged, but I still vote, and the incumbents in the House and Senate will not have my vote in the upcoming election. This idiocy has caused much stress for me and I will remember. When the livelihoods of myself and a significant portion of my family are threatened because of governmental mismanagement, I notice. I am quite fed up with legislators who believe they are immune to any ill effects of the decisions they make. There needs to be some consideration for the people of this nation, and if not, the government needs changing.

I am very sad that Borders is going out of business since they have been the dominant bookstore in my life for most of my life. I suppose that Amazon will gain the majority of my business in the future since they have much better prices than any other bookstore I can name. I thank God for my local public library, because in reality, most of the books I read come from there.

Hope goes for her annual exam this month. I am hoping the veterinarian does not find her overweight. She is bigger than Mom’s two Shih Tzu.

My sleep schedule has changed a bit. I now stay up very late, like 2am and 3am. I sleep in very late as well. It gives me some quiet time to read and compute without the distraction of the television which Mom runs a great deal when she is awake.

Life goes on. I hope things are going well for all of you.

Jo Ann

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