My Recent Poems I Want To Share

September 22, 2011
The Surface Isn’t Real

When you see someone smiling,
You may not know they are
Hiding their pain.

When you think someone’s lazy,
Because they don’t work every day,
It may not be by personal choice.

When you laugh at someone,
Because they aren’t as perfect as you,
You may not know how hard they try.

There are hidden afflictions
That you may not understand,
But that are devastatingly real.

Don’t make the mistake of judgment
Without knowing the truth,
Because you could hurt someone deeply.

Try to be gentle, try to be kind,
Because some things are hidden
From the naked eye.

September 26, 2011

You know you are loved when someone hugs and holds you tight.
You know someone cares when they give you something nice.
You know you are safe when your doors are locked tight.

Our military personnel get no gentle caresses.
They go without gifts on many special occasions.
The places where they rest may be very unsafe.

They give their lives to show you that you are loved.
Their service is a gift which no one can repay.
They keep you safe each and every day.

God Bless The Marines, The Army, The Navy,
The Air Force, and The National Guard.

Sunday, October 9, 2011
Buying Inspiration

School supplies are not strictly
Necessary to my life anymore,
Yet every year I frequent the sales
That herald Back to School.

I visit the overstuffed shelves
Of brightly colored notebooks,
My eyes searching out attractive
Covers to bind my poetic words.

I linger over the place where
The pens and pencils are displayed,
Hoping to find a writing implement
That might spur my muse to activity.

I am the one strolling the aisles
Wishing some simple purchase
Might rekindle the imagination
I so blithely enjoyed as a youth.

Sunday, October 9, 2011
Praise to Him

He set the sun, moon, and stars
In motion and brought our world to life.
Yet He hears when I am crying
And cares enough to save my soul.

Some think me insignificant
But He died to set me free.
He knows when I am hurting and comes near
Even though many others have forsaken me.

He loves me without condition
Although some of my words and actions
Surely make Him very sad.
Even when I am bad, He stands by me.

He is my Maker and the Author of Eternity
I owe Him all my love and allegiance
For He has given me constant access
To all the glories He stored up for me.

From the beginning, He knew me
And loved me without reservation.
My friend, my Savior, Jesus Christ
Will never give me up for I am His.

I will rejoice with the saints and angels
For I am bought at great price
The King of Kings sacrificed Himself
That I might one day meet Him in Paradise.

Monday, October 10, 2011
Unleash Poetry

If you wish to write a poem
Gather your favorite notebook and pen,
Or open a document on your computer,
In a comfortable place of relative peace.

Do not over think and confound
Your muse, but try to catch your
Wayward thoughts on the open page.
Simplicity pays dividends in words.

You do not have to be experienced;
Anyone can shape words to the form
Of attractive verse, it only takes
A bit of earnest effort and dedication.

You are by nature creatively gifted,
Able to write with individual depth
And intense personal clarity,
You are a poet by virtue of birth.

Open your inmost heart and harness
The power of your infinite imagination,
Allow your words to flow in a torrent
And make a poem out of your life.

Monday, October 10, 2011
Time Occupied

Make no mistake my day is not
A honeymoon infused with the scent
Of Water Babies suntan lotion
Where lulling in the drowsy warmth
Of the vacation bright sun is acceptable.

This day began with the annoying blare
Of the alarm I so carelessly forgot
To reset yesterday to my great dismay,
But that is fine, I need only have
Scarce hours of sleep anyway.

The gooey sweet taste of warm Moon Pie
Brought me out of my enduring stupor.
The smooth texture of computer keys
Affording me the timely information
I need to choose the path of my day.

I am not alone, but the constant drone
Of my mother’s television is no company.
Soft curling fur under my fingers eases
My weary mind from its preoccupation
With the daunting problems facing me.

Pulling apt words out of nothing
To form into efficient lines on
Crisp blank paper is a worthy task
Requiring difficult effort which
Ultimately brings refreshing satisfaction.



  1. #1 by Jo Ann J. A. Jordan on October 10, 2011 - 8:48 pm

    My apologies for the changes in format that occur in this entry. I thought I had everything uniform in Windows Live Writer, but when the poems posted changes were made. I did not mean to create a distraction.

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