A Somewhat Telling Poem

Regret to Victory

She called misfortune by writing
Her rancor out in a card for one
Who constant mistreated her love.

When he learned of her forbidden act
He turned cold, distant, and promptly
Cast her out from her home beside him.

She felt betrayed by life and chose
A bottle of lethally strong medication
To end the pain of living again alone.

Her child intervened and called
Unwanted help to save her from
The certain clutches of devouring death.

They took her away to the locked ward
Where bewildered people wander
Lost in thought separate from the world.

She recovered a modicum of herself,
But found her belongings scattered
Outdoors for scavengers to plunder.

She lost much that was irreplaceable
But she survived to raise her child
To the very pinnacle of manhood.

That brave boy became exemplary
Cheating death over and again
A United States Marine.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Tuesday, October 18, 2011


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