A Tribute To All Those We Have So Tragically Lost

At Great Cost

He was a decent student, bright,
A well-behaved and happy child,
He made his family very proud.

After graduation he said his goodbyes,
He went away to conquer strict training
And become his dream: A U.S. Marine.

He came home briefly in triumph
With his hard-won money to spend
And fulfilled his early promise.

His duty called him far away,
His family worried and prayed
Hoping always for his safety.

One day without warning, it happened,
Everything went horribly wrong,
He did not make it back from the field.

Every military family’s nightmare
An unexpected knock upon the door,
The news that he had sacrificed it all.

He wanted to serve his country
And he gave his lifeblood
A hero to keep us safe and free.

He stands with the angels now
Forever vigilantly watching over
Loved ones he suddenly left behind.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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