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365 Creativity Project–Day 22

Today I was gifted with many sweet morsels. The words simply kept coming to me with little effort on my part. I hope you will enjoy:

Journal 1-31-20120001

Journal 1-31-20120002

Journal 1-31-20120003

A few pictures:


Expectant face intently staring.


Close up of Hope.


Clouds that brought to mind sheep.


I love this cup.

Our mile walk today was graced with beautiful skies and warm temperatures. Hope was so happy to be outdoors. Her joy is so intense one cannot help but join her in bliss.

Writing when the words come easily is great fun. It seems to be effortless. Even if the words come in the form of haiku it warms the heart to be given something to write. Maybe if one opens themselves to inspiration it finally comes. I urge everyone who wants to write to spend time at it daily. You cannot produce if you do not apply yourself to actually doing the work. The writing can be anything, but simply writing brings some worthwhile lines to you. You have more talent than that of which you are aware. Talent grows with practice.

I hope your Tuesday has been a great day. May you be blessed with something creative to bring to life.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project–Day 21

My constant lament:

Journal 1-30-20120001

Pictures from my mile walk with Hope:


Buds in Winter…


Brightness in bare…


Could not resist the Radio Flyer…


More modern haulers…


Daffodils sprouting…

This is not exactly easy, coming up with something creative every day. I am sometimes totally at a loss. Today, I had no words, so I had no choice, but to write about my lack of inspiration. I could not think of anything outside of which to take pictures that I had not already used, so I had to pay particularly close attention on my walk. I guess that is the beauty of the project though. It forces me to use my brain when it would be easier to do nothing.

If you are thinking about starting a project, do not wait, because the time will never be perfect. Do it for yourself so you can grow. You will see that there is more available than you ever imagined. Your creativity will rise to the occasion. We, humans, tend to procrastinate and sometimes we leave our best undone forever. Do not leave your gift unused. Do and be, fulfill your most cherished dreams.

The poem I wrote today is another group of haiku on one subject strung together to form a complete poem. Know that you can do something similar. There is nothing special about me that I can write like that. I just chose to make an effort, and you are capable of doing it as well.

Some of what I do here is not very good, and I probably should not put it on display for all the world to see. The project requires that I use what I produce, no matter what my feelings about it may be. This is to force me to place my work for review, mainly so one day I might not be so afraid to send my productions out to publishers. I hope nothing is so horrible that it is hated, but that is not my problem.

I hope your Monday was a good one. Make something from your imagination and let someone see it.

Jo Ann


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365 Creativity Project–Day Twenty

I could not resist doing this photo editing job. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Beware of Dog with Hope

The following poem uses seven syllables per line to make its point:

Journal 1-29-20120001

We did not walk today, because I felt like staying in my pajamas and taking it easy. It has been a relaxing day.

I hope your Sunday was wonderful with inspiration enough to spur you to produce something creative.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project–Day Nineteen

A few haiku:

Journal 1-28-20120001

A few pictures from our walk:


A shot of the magnet on my car.


Interesting base of an oak tree.


I painted this for my Mom in 2000.

I had an experience yesterday at Wal-Mart that I am trying to incorporate into a prose piece, but it is not fully formed in my mind yet. What happened just planted the seed of a story in my head. I am not very good at writing stories, but that is probably because I have not practiced the skill very much. I am more accustomed to writing from my own experience.

Hope and I walked a mile today in the beautiful afternoon sunshine. We are having wonderful weather, but I wish it were colder like it should be in Winter. I am afraid this Spring-like weather does not bode well for us later in the year.

I woke up at a reasonable time today, but I went back to bed and slept until early afternoon. I probably should go to bed earlier, but I enjoy the quiet of the nighttime hours.

I finished reading Rumi Hidden Music this morning. I enjoyed the poetry. It fit in with all the devotional reading I am doing.

I hope all of you have enjoyed your Saturday and found some inspiration for creative work.

Jo Ann


365 Creativity Project–Day Eighteen

My drawing, Love Message 1:

Love Message Drawing 1

A poem:

Journal 1-27-20120001

A journal entry:

Journal 1-27-20120002



Hope before we went for our mile walk.




Trees reaching for sky in light and shadow…


Sun dappled trees…


Pond through pines…


Driveway fading away…


Valentine plush for Mom.


My Valentine bear.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday night and a weekend full of creative pleasure.

Jo Ann


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365 Creativity Project–Day Seventeen

A poem, a picture, and a journal entry:

Journal 1-26-20120001


Journal 1-26-20120002

Today is Thursday so it is gratitude list day.

I am thankful:

1.   Mom is feeling better today after being quite sick last night.
2.   The dogs were groomed yesterday.
3.   Some people are following my creativity project.
4.   Alex and I were able to communicate a while today.
5.   I have read five books so far this year.
6.   When my old laptop suddenly stopped working last night it was only because the power cord was disconnected and the battery dead.
7.   Penny is doing well despite congestive heart failure.
8.   I still have some money left and it is near the end of the month.
9.   I have internet access and a working laptop.
10.  I have a comfortable bed in which to sleep.

I am hoping to draw something for tomorrow. Drawing seems to be harder for me than creatively writing or taking photographs. I think I am less sure of my skill, especially with the Wacom tablet. This project is not to do things perfectly, but to make some creative effort daily. I made it intentionally broad in category so that any effort counts. I am pleased that I am still doing this project.

I hope your day brings you some inspiration that you can turn into a work of creativity.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project–Day Sixteen

First a poem I worked to perfect this morning, then a journal entry from this afternoon:

Journal 1-25-20120001

Journal 1-25-20120002

Some pictures from our walk:


A sky shot…


A long leaf pine that reminds me of a cactus…


My sweet puppy dog, Hope, sporting her newly groomed coat.


Another shot of my baby girl.


A shot of the sky.


The road to Linda’s house.




Penny in her pajamas.


Close up of Ko-Ko in pajamas.


Hope close up.

I hope all of you have some brilliant creative ideas to brighten your day.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project–Day Fifteen

We were in town at one of Mom’s doctors today and Hope and I were unable to walk. There just was not enough time to get outside. I don’t have a journal entry today, instead I have a rather long prose poem:

Journal 1-24-20120001

Journal 1-24-20120002

Journal 1-24-20120003


My roller skates from my teens.

I also wrote a short poem:

Journal 1-24-20120004

It was a gorgeous day here and I had to wear my sunglasses because my left contact was hurting my eye and the light would have irritated it worse.

I hope you find some beauty in your day and capture it creatively.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project–Day Fourteen

My journal entry and a poem:

Journal 1-23-20120001

Journal 1-23-20120002

A few pictures:


Sticky bush…


Rainwater on fronds…


Bear Alex gave me for Christmas 2010. I call him Mountz…




Another shot of Mountz…

I hope you will remember although forgiving others is hard it brings great benefits to you. When you forgive you let go of bitterness that eats away at you. Love is what we are designed to share and that does not mean abandoning others, it means living in relationship. People are not perfect, but we can respond to those in our life with generosity and love.

May you find energy to create something of beauty.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project–Day Thirteen

My journal entry and a poem:

Journal 1-22-20120001

Journal 1-22-20120002

Today was a rainy day, so Hope and I did not go outside to walk. My pictures for the day come from inside the house. The dogs are going to be groomed on Wednesday so I took some pictures of them with their long hair.


My sweet Hope…






Mom with Penny…


Some few of my books in teetering stacks.

You can see I have plenty of material to read and that is only a small number of all my books.

I hope you enjoyed your time spent here. May your day be full of creative energy.

Jo Ann

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