First Blog Entry of 2012

I am thankful:

1.   I made it through 2011, and accomplished much in the year.
2.   Mom is doing fairly well.
3.   I was able to get a new laptop, Wacom tablet, some artistic programs, and Office Professional 2010 for Christmas.
4.   I have designated my old laptop for Mom’s use and she is learning to use it for playing games she enjoys.
5.   I have lowered my reading goal for 2012 to encourage more creative pursuits.
6.   I chose to do the Read The Bible For Life study with my Mom this year and she is enjoying it so far. I read all the material aloud to her and elaborate on the answers to the questions asked in the study.
7.   I was able to pay my cell phone bill for this month and my car insurance.
8.   We do not have any appointments in the coming week and our shopping is done for a few days. Maybe it will not be necessary to go to town until late in the week.
9.   Winter has been mild and I have not even had to put on a heavy coat this year.
10.  We were able to help Laura, my daughter-in-law, by giving her the mattress set from Alex’s room.
11.  My dog, Hope, is a wonderful companion and very sweet.
12.  The gift cards I was given for Christmas helped me survive December.
13.  Jana gave me a Kindle gift card that I have not used yet.
14.  Our Christmas and New Year meals were delicious.
15.  I took all the library books back and am now reading books I own.
16.  I have found some excellent resources on the internet for writing, art, and free eBooks.
17.  I have adequate shelter, clothing, transportation, and nutrition.
18.  God blessed me with intelligence and talent.
19.  I have experienced love in my life.
20. I have survived the ravages of pain and hate.

I am enjoying my new computer a great deal and am so glad I can share the older one with my Mom. It gives her something that challenges her mind and keeps her entertained. I am hoping to use my new equipment to further my artistic endeavors this year as well as my writing. Cutting back on my reading goal should give me more time to use creatively. The only thing I lack now is inspiration and I am hoping that will be in ample supply. I have some books that should help with it.

I like doing the Bible study with my Mom. Her attention motivates me to do the daily readings. I probably would not do the study without her involvement. Making her happy makes me feel I am a success.

I have been watching the Republican debates and though I am not happy with everything President Obama has done, I do not see where any of these candidates would be a superior choice. I am afraid there is still a long process before our economy will recover and I do not think one man has the power to do all that is necessary to accomplish effective change. The people of our country can not make things better when they are so divided in their resolve. Working together is the only effective way to improve our nation’s problems.

If anyone is lonely and sad I highly recommend acquiring a puppy dog to provide companionship and lift the spirits. My sweet Shih Tzu, Hope, is a wonderful addition to my life. I do not think I would be nearly as happy without her presence.

I hope everyone has a wonderful year full of blessings and happiness. I encourage each one to take time to be thankful. Gratitude adds satisfaction to life.

Jo Ann


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  1. #1 by delaneykai on January 12, 2012 - 7:15 pm

    You and I are thinking alike on a lot of things…one in particular is returning library books and reading my own books! I took three back to the library today but just had to check 3 more out!!! so, I am not getting far with my goal there….how do you buy groceries where you don’t have to do it again for a couple of weeks? How far are you from the grocery store where you shop? Our weather has been warmer than usual also and so far no snow…I agree about the puppy dogs….Sam has worked his way to be an indoor dog now and follows me everywhere!!! even into the bathroom!!

    • #2 by Jo Ann J. A. Jordan on January 12, 2012 - 7:39 pm

      Kathi, I returned all the library books. It is so much easier not having to make trips there, and there is less pressure to read constantly because on my own books there is no time limit. I also have thousands on the Kindle so I am not likely to run out of material. I wanted to focus on doing creative things this year so I set my reading goal much lower this year, only 36 books.

      About the groceries, we usually pick up things in between, but we do our main shopping by a list and try to limit our trips to town. We don’t eat a lot of perishable food, much is frozen, canned, or boxed. Not the best way to eat, but easier to manage. We are about 20 minutes from town, somewhere around 17 miles.

      I am worried that not having some cold weather is going to cause problems come Spring and Summer, especially with over population of insects.

      Our dogs are like angels, and they follow us around a lot.

      Thank you for the comments.

      Jo Ann

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