Creative Project–Day Four

With reading less I am accomplishing a lot creatively. However, I am still doing a decent amount of reading daily. I am glad to have lessened the pressure on myself to complete so many books.

My hand written journal entry for the day:

Journal 1-13-20120001

Journal 1-13-20120002

This morning Penny, Mom’s fourteen year old dog, was sleeping in a unique place:


These are some pictures from our walk:



There is something fascinating to me about equipment sitting out waiting for use. I think it is the sense of stored power.


Boat, dock, and pond.


The field growing back toward forest, because my brother, James, is no longer here to fight the trees.


Big rocks…




Swing and picnic table, abandoned for Winter.


Cane Mill…

No drawing today, because I have been rather busy.

I do have some thoughts about grief. When someone leaves the world, or even exits your life, it leaves a empty space that you always feel should be filled by your loved one. There are marks left not only on your heart, but in the outer world, by the absence. Things change because the work they did is left undone. Often I have heard no one is indispensible, but I tend to disagree. Our loved ones are forever missed where they once smiled, laughed, and walked in our lives.

I hope your day is full of joy and creativity. Make something, no matter how small or to your mind insignificant, and impact the history of the world.

Jo Ann


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