365 Creativity Project-Day 56

Journal entry:

Journal 3-5-20120001

Some photographs:




Camellia bush…


Concrete pig…


Stream of light on trees…




Moon before night…


Camellias and bud…

I am gratef

1.   My books from Writer’s Digest came, including Poet’s Market.
2.   I had part of a Subway sandwich for lunch.
3.   I have beautiful subjects for photographs here on the property.
4.   Mom decided to make macaroni salad for supper.
5.   My cameras are great tools for artistic expression.

This was a difficult day for me. I found myself wanting to skip our Bible reading, but I managed to do it. I also had a problem finding photographs. I feel I have used everything here, but I took some good photos in spite of myself. Then I had no motivation to write, but decided to write obliquely about my problem, and found words. I am fifty-six days into this project and some days it comes easier than others. I am committed to achieving 365 days of creativity, but some days it feels more like work than artistry.

I hope you had a good Monday and that you did something toward achieving your dreams.

Jo Ann 


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